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pues aki nomas pa wachar los records, aver si alguien se atreve a aser un nuevo record nomas avise
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20 Responses to “Kitty Cannon (SPECIAL GUEST TEXT’S and LiTTLE FAT bOY DJ)”

  1. freshasianboyz says:

    Why The Ballin Do U Not Sub T FIZZLE

  2. jk92899 says:

    thats me

  3. kittencomesoutofcann says:

    my top score is 1,9500

  4. vagabundo09 says:

    my record is 1700.ahahahaha you are idiot

  5. donoswim says:

    im glad everyone is bragging over a game that shoots kitties at bombs? apparently most of you are homosexual.. i guess thats okay though.. just different if you like penises in ur butthole

  6. tkdlenny says:

    oh record is 10,006..already beat your friend..suck it

  7. ahalookitsanerd says:

    i bet non of u can get under 3ft

  8. Ddddennis81 says:

    i hate how people brag about getting hiscores on this stupid game…its all luck and thats it, no skill what so ever

  9. z3r044 says:

    me and my friend have the high score, 9,984 when you guys beat that come talk to me

  10. Narukaflame says:

    2,264 score here

  11. Cutie97077 says:

    me and my cuz got 4276 feet

  12. jimmeisterr says:

    i mean i got 3000 sumthin dunno if anyone got higher than me

  13. jimmeisterr says:

    i got 300 sumthin i got mad luky lukiest thing i have evr seen

  14. 2kleemc says:

    1212 is bad you get that almost every shot

  15. AJMarra says:

    my friend James got 1856 when I went over his house. The kitty actually blew up 200+ ft into the air. he kept hitting missiles and trampolines. Man, i love this game.

  16. nel1124 says:

    i got 1657 just now. and btw you dont have to click continue, you can just push the space bar

  17. AJMarra says:

    2000?! 3000?!? You guys have no lives! my high score is 1475 which i got while playing in school.

  18. tmnturtle says:

    i would like to see a video of it, a picture isn’t enough, i’ll try to do better next time and upload the video

  19. Lucario189 says:

    i got 2000

  20. Gergaloth says:

    lol while watchin this i broke your record i got 1321ft…

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