kitty cannon

ok guys i found this game at this site a few days ago(if u find this vid and decide to read this a year later ea i mean like a year later and a few days)and thought itwas funny awsome great hilariouse. the site is go to search thingy then type in kitten cannon find it and then play play like u never have play it like you play HALO3 COD5OR4 just go and play u like it u like it u thinks its a big waste of time its a big waste of time! (suggestion if u have time play the game spank a monkey hilarious as well lol i like that site)
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Caught the last few Seconds of my High Score! :D and West… Where’s my COOKIE!?

4 Responses to “kitty cannon”

  1. linkvincentyahoon says:


  2. tmtmac18 says:

    :D Why TY!

  3. clinbri16 says:

    Nice!!! Good job!

  4. IainedIain says:

    goofy friendly cat feline

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