Kitten’s Last Weeks with FIP

This video contains pictures and a video, from Kitten’s last several weeks here with us before she passed on. (Clarification: All except the last four pictures which were taken within the first couple of hours of my rescuing Kitten from under a shed in Sept 2009!) Kitten was taken by FIP. She was just over seven months old. FIP or Feline Infectious Peritionitis is a fatal disease. It stole her life just over four weeks… Letting her go, was one of the hardest things I have ever done. She was beautiful, brave and sweet spirited. I have never had a cat like her in the just over 40 years I have walked this earth. There will always be a void in my heart, until my prayer is answered. I pray Father has gathered her unto Himself, until the day I see Him and Kitten and I will reunited again forever. My heart goes out to all the others who have lost a pet to this horrible disease before me and to those, who I fear will come after me. My thoughts and prayers are towards you all. The Soundtrack is “Somewhere Out There” by Linda Rondstat/James Ingram. I do not own the music. I thank them for the beautiful words and melody which express the feelings of my heart.

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  1. zXBiGjOShXz says:

    yeah, we’re going to give him a chance though. Because the vets aren’t always 100% accurate, but if i see him having any sort of troubles breathing i am going to get him put down

  2. TheDracheX says:

    Our cat died within 2 days. I would put it asleep, to prevent suffocation. I am just saying what I experienced

  3. zXBiGjOShXz says:

    vet said he had a few months?

  4. TheDracheX says:

    You mean, 2 days… sadly

  5. zXBiGjOShXz says:

    my cat has this now, only has a few months left :’(

  6. Tihbialdunav says:

    , thank you for your blessing. We will never forget our dear Max, most amazing kitty ever, but after a few months we did add 3 rescued kitties to our family. I hope more people open their homes and welcome these little angels to their lives. They deserve it. Shelters are filled to the brim with beautiful cats, waiting for love.

  7. panamagirl2010 says:

    May your wonderful kitten RIP my dear. I understand the great sadness that comes with the loss of a friendly special cat. My thoughts and prayers go out to you~Rose

  8. panamagirl2010 says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. Rose

  9. panamagirl2010 says:

    I am so sorry about your loss… I understand all to well, the devestating looks and unbearable suffering. I pray that time has helped heal your heart a little… But I know that I still miss my beautiful girl Kitten and time helps, but I still wish I had my sweet little angel here with me… What I wouldnt give to have her back…
    May your dear kitty RIP. Blessings to you my dear, Rose

  10. panamagirl2010 says:

    Dear Bahuda3, I missed your post somehow…I apologize. I pray your new kitty is well and healthy strong… I am praying you were wrong as well and you all have had many wonderful months together. Blessings to you~Rose

  11. panamagirl2010 says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat Midnight… (There is something special about old Tom Cats, huh?) I know what it is like to have a breaking heart as well, Tanja… I can still cry these many years later over my Kitten. RIP precious Midnight and blessings of comfort to you, Miss Tanja. ~Rose

  12. panamagirl2010 says:

    My heart goes out to you and to your cat…. Rose

  13. jjai471 says:

    1.) A cat contracted FIP.His condition deteriorated until he developed severe jaundice, was throwing up yellow bile, was dropping feces uncontrollably, and had lost so much weight he looked like a skeleton with fur. I made a tea by boiling one tablespoon of bupleurum root and one tablespoon of pau d’ arco bark in two cups of water. After boiling for ten minutes I turned off the heat and added one tablespoon of dried yarrow flowers and leaves and let it steep for about twenty minutes more.

  14. jjai471 says:

    2.)I strained the tea thru a mesh strainer & poured it into empty medicine bottles with eyedroppers & refrigerated it. At first I gave my cat five one milliliter drops every 20 minutes straight into the back of his mouth. After two hours I gave the five drops every two hours for 24 hours.Then I reduced the dosage to every two hours during during my normal waking hours for several days.

  15. jjai471 says:

    3.) I continued the treatment every few hours for two more weeks. He was pretty weak in the beginning of treatment, so I also crushed up a cat vitamin, mixed it with water, and fed him about 5ml twice per day until he started eating again. The jaundice gradually went away over a two week period. He recovered fully, regained his appetite, and is regaining weight. It looks like this incurable cat disease is no longer incurable.

  16. jjai471 says:

    I have collected information on various forms of cures for FIP in cats, including testimonials from people who have cured their cats of FIP and vets who have done the same. It involves holistic medicine and what they used is available anywhere.I am not selling any products. I will send the information I have to you at no charge. Email

  17. thegolfingmachine says:

    Feel very sad after watching your video, my cat is now flighting again FIP, a Norwegian Forest cat 12 weeks old. Vet can’t do much about it, but the only way we can do now is to talk to him and make sure he will not give up. I am a neuro-scientist, and never under estimate the power of our brain, so do the cat. As long as they have a strong will, they will try…

  18. tanja041075 says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss.My 16 Months old Tom Cat Midnight died from FIP too.It broke out on a Friday and I took him to a animal clinic.They tried to stabilize him for an biopsy which he got done after 4 Days.He didn´t wake up from the anesthesia anymore…but the test result from the biopsy confirmed the FIP.It was heart breaking and i´m still crying for him.He was a precious little boy and may be the most cuddly kitten i have ever seen.May all this wonderful angels rest in peace.

  19. paulomaiadj says:


  20. panamagirl2010 says:

    I do know what you mean. Thank you for your kind words. (She was (and still is) the best cat I have ever had in my life). Peace~Rose

  21. panamagirl2010 says:

    And God bless you to my dear and my heart goes out to you. Blessings~Rose

  22. MeerkatManorfani says:

    That cat was look like that it knows what coming…Its so sad… And do somewon see how it breath…it looks like i don’t know what i can say. Mut thats so Sad and…u know what i mean..:(

  23. BleuTheZorua says:

    :( So precious and adorable. I feel so bad for you… I would’ve missed YOUR cat alot.

  24. mzbattiste20 says:

    My cat was just tested positive for H.I.P and she lost alot of weight. my cat just made 3 yrs old & im so close to her ever sence i lost my other cat in hurricane katrina. I can’t stop crying. Im going to have to put her down soon if she don’t get better cause i don’t want her to suffer anymore then what she is. (I still got hope for her) My heart goes out to everyone who has a cat with this deadly disease.. & god bless.

  25. ZanaDoo36 says:

    Feline-infectious-peritonitis/241182832577097?sk=wall ON FACEBOOK

  26. AnnabethelerAnnabeth22 says:

    all that pet needs is usually a go pro along with a wing suit

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