Kittens found near the railway. All day were out in the rain MOV02930

Kittens found near the railway in contryside. All day were out in the rain. My friend took the box and brought to Moscow. Two boys and two girls. Age is about 3 weeks. FREE GRATIS ;-)
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These, kids are coming up on three weeks of age on Sunday the 7th of October..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

44 Responses to “Kittens found near the railway. All day were out in the rain MOV02930”

  1. thingsonmyfoot1 says:

    you saved 4 innocent lives <3 thank you…

  2. prettybabymama1982 says:

    what beautiful faces, thank you for your kindness.

  3. Leila0273 says:

    Of course, had to take care ))) later few ladies had assisted me with founding new houses for these kids. Actually this situation is annual. I would like to help all homeless kittens and puppies whom I meet, but sometimes there are too many for me, course I live in the flat with my family also ;)

  4. JuliaCamario says:

    I hope you took care of them or some one else.Please tell me you did.If you did,thank you.

  5. Strateg68 says:

    God bless you.

  6. Jassmine111 says:

    Y would u put grass in there with them?… They aren’t caterpillars

  7. MrsMaskie says:

    this may have been where my cat came from except a cable guy gave her to us

  8. OneManShowShow says:

    yeah…SO being russian she has a russian ACCENT, dolt. IT IS AN ACCENT. It’s genuine dialect. I like accents. I don’t give a fuck about what country a person is from. If they’re genuinely british or russian or japanese…I’ll like their accent, not their heritage.

  9. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    Lol. it aint a accent, this is in russia , already stated in the discription. Shes russian

  10. SuperDelyse says:

    the girls are identical kinda

  11. MrEightcatz says:

    Man there beating up the grey one.

  12. sb57fury1 says:

    Yes there is . These are god’s creatures. I would of taken them in until I found good homes for them I also would of charged an adoption fee of 100.00

  13. sb57fury1 says:

    Thank god some one found them .

  14. 80koolcat says:

    O_O im in love with them

  15. MrPhoenis says:

    awwwwww… cutage. I hope you found homes for them.

  16. bloomdoom13 says:

    why are you holding them like that??? i carry my 185 pound dog 11 and only 82 pounds….

  17. mikechan15 says:

    who’s heart broke when they heard the babies mew? THAT IS TOO SAD T-T THEY’RE TOO CUTE!!!

  18. 78kokka says:

    And there’ll be a special place in heaven for people who helps them ^_^

  19. momkatmax says:

    I am so happy that you helped them out! They look to be in good shape.

  20. PungiFungi says:

    There is a special place in Hell for people who would abandoned helpless innocent kittens. I could never do that.

  21. 0404Judy says:

    Bless you for taking in these poor little hungry babies. I hate to think of the cruelty of us humans. I live in Wisconsin, USA, and even here people are cruel. Thank God you have a compassionate heart. God Bless you. Sincerely,Judith Hurta

  22. Cherrywoo77 says:

    Err… maybe give the poor little things a blanket or a pillow or something instead of some leaves and twigs?!

  23. automechanic01 says:

    so who;s the beech that dislike thas video i will ind and kill you as we say in Russia have a nice day

  24. automechanic01 says:

    so who;s the beech that dislike thas video i will ind and kill you

  25. Leila0273 says:


  26. uching says:

    was she bred toanother F1 or a serval.

  27. sasprawler says:

    gorgeous kittens and such a good mama (the kittens are probably all grown up by now right??)

  28. raynarayskye says:

    Damn that’s a fancy cat!

  29. steffankaizer says:

    she sounds like almost meowing for a f1

  30. Zackiesmomma says:

    I love her little voice as she talks to her owner. It’s like she’s purring and talking at once. Soooo precious! She’s a stunning and beautiful cat! Such a sweet face and lovely round eyes! Beautiful!

  31. grommie959 says:

    How beautiful!!! She is so sweet, and is just beaming with pride over those little babies. Thanks for sharing!!!

  32. thesethingz says:

    Gosh she sounds like a lioness purring. How wonderful.

  33. choons4ears says:

    beautiful :D

  34. Leanighya says:

    The kittens are beautiful as is the mother, I wish I could breed Savannahs, Servals and Ocicats, I’d just have to convince my husband, he’s a cat lover too but not so sure about exotic types. Good luck with the ‘pride’ as it were, they look so happy ^_^

  35. mirandawade says:

    what kind of cat is that and are the kittens for sale?

  36. mrgoding says:

    OH MY GOODNESS…that purrr is sooo precious, she is sooo content. Whata good mama. Please film these babies as they grow!!!! Thanks for this, I want a Savannah someday…..~sigh~

  37. nelekaup says:

    Like a panter. Love kittens!:)

  38. ricsydiva says:

    Thank you…

  39. ricsydiva says:

    Thank you..She, is such a good mom with her kittens.. She, is in 7th Heaven when she has kittens around..

  40. gcfontana says:

    Your mama and baby kitties are gorgeous; the babies are so content as they nurse their mom.

  41. Giorgissa says:


  42. ricsydiva says:

    Thank you, I am so proud of ABBA.. She,is such a good mom..

  43. zoomzoom402 says:

    Such a pretty mama! I can hear her vibrating and see her kneading when you talk to her. SO SWEET!!!! The kittens are looking wonderful!

  44. crazycat919 says:

    Such a wonderful mommy! Oh how the babies are growing!!

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