Kittens for Lunch

How awesome is this?

25 Responses to “Kittens for Lunch”

  1. jesus1173058 says:

    This video.has inspired me to the heart.its a fact many animals have a sence that the adverage human doesn’t possess.

  2. jesus1173058 says:

    Amazing.Lily is a beautiful.and it shows me how the power of God.dwells in animals.

  3. PTCello says:

    this made me cry…. thank you, leslie

  4. tahitinui2010 says:

    Simply adorable.

  5. mikefiftynine says:

    drug dealer flick rahke sent me here – lock your children up

  6. 97hockeyismylife says:

    wowww these animals r one of a kind! its especially amazing that the cheetah didnt eat the baby babboon! its unreal

  7. MrPsygo says:

    I first heard this without the video so what I heard was people say what a good dog Lilly was for eating kittens.

  8. newinchwonder says:

    And some Animals just let their babies fend for themselves against a hungry dark wild jungle, or deep ocean. I trust the comparison you are trying to make is coming from pure emotion. Humans are animals. Both groups do good and not so good jobs given their circumstances.

  9. newinchwonder says:

    Though I would not call this unexplainable. Animal behavior is well studied and I think it would be reasonable to say animals have their days too to behave differently than usual. Altruism also might have a part. Also know one knows exactly what is going through the animals head, and it might make perfect sense to them.

  10. mikieskid says:

    whether its 2 years old or not, its still worth watching. Beautiful stuff!!!

  11. noonav says:

    This is just incredible!
    Thanks so much for sharing it.

  12. william678910 says:

    maternal instinct has no borders =)

  13. dhmetaman says:

    Heart Space does not draw lines! Animal meet on a heart space too!

  14. luvpudin says:

    I’m sure Lily has been adopted already. This video is 2 years old now.

  15. wheresthenephew says:

    How to adopt Lilly?

  16. Mountinedew says:

    AWW So sweet 

  17. desertsinger72 says:

    Does it really matter why a dog would nurse kittens, or a leopard mother an orphaned baboon? There are things that happen that we can’t explain, enjoy the mysteries and admire when it happens.

  18. kitkatrn says:

    animals take care of the young better than some humans….we could all learn a lesson here, maybe even for the unborn

  19. livingsacred1966 says:

    animals cooperate as much as they compete. we are all able to love.

  20. WildBill6942 says:

    Gee, you think the human race can learn a thing or two from animals?

  21. indauja12 says:

    that dog is the hero

  22. d3v1lry says:

    Holy ****, this is a HUGE blow to evolutionary psychology.

  23. Caleb9849 says:

    No, he’s saying “Da brown man burned dah little kitteh!”

  24. Frodysius says:

    Wow… that little kid is scary… what is he saying anyway? To me it sounds something along the lines of, “DAH BLACK MAN ROBBED DEH LITTLE KITTEH!”

  25. StopmeatGoveg says:

    i’m from iowa! awesome story

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