Kitten’s Dance of Intimidation

Kodi the kitten pretending he’s a big bad cat. Music by Kevin MacLeod,
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25 Responses to “Kitten’s Dance of Intimidation”

  1. DustyChalk says:

    Poor shorthairs, just aren’t that intimidating. Need to make up for the short hair with creativity.

  2. Onaspring says:

    Nope he’s an adopted kitten, not related.

  3. Onaspring says:

    The music in this is priceless. Love it.

  4. bitterandcynical says:

    I love the way Shorty just watches this krayzee krooked kitten “meander” down the hallway.

  5. Isis Kyle MEOW says:

    what the heck haha

  6. Stormdancer343 says:

    Is this kitten one of Shorty’s? He is so funny!!! I love your great videos!!!

  7. pemeam1 says:

    ha ha ha they’re so funny :D

  8. TraffordReds9 says:

    LOL typical little boy kitten bigging himself up.

  9. TealCheetah says:

    This is so cute my brain melted

  10. cberika says:

    HAHAHA Kodi!!!!

  11. peridot2cat says:

    as soon as the music started i just started laughing and couldn’t stop

  12. TiffanyLabarre says:

    The music just made this perfect xD

  13. NastjaTheEminemFan says:

    My Jinxy is doing that all the time… I thought she is crazy, but now I see it’s normal :P

  14. aligrandi13 says:

    I put this video on my desktop, every time i need a deep soul smile i watch it :) LOL:) makes my day!!! ♥♥♥Thank you so much for this video!♥♥♥ is really amaising sweet and funny :) LOL:)

  15. 75capriceconvertible says:

    laffed my ass off! How funny. This is typical cat; or should I say, typical kitten… yes it was great you got this on vid… what a treat to watch

  16. erinkathleen66 says:

    This was adorable and so like my own cat Genia when she is trying to act “Big” around my 20lb cat Casanova. Thank you so much for sharing.


    I do work with cats and I have seen all kind of dances and walks but this one is priceless

  18. dashizzle1985 says:

    lol this was funny because my kitten is barely 8 weeks old, and she does this to my 6 pd dog. lol They chase each other, play hide n seek and wrestle. lol

  19. AntoniaToniOfficial says:

    I keep coming back to this video whenever i need a giggle lol

  20. Mephisto126Ve980 says:

    hehe Dragon Keeper’s musics
    And also funny

  21. redwb1 says:

    lol, perfect editing work! :D

  22. raincrow88 says:

    I can’t stop laughing. So freaking awesome!

  23. jynclr says:

    OMG this is HILARIOUS!!! :D I am sitting here CRACKING UP! :D

  24. nikki2290 says:

    LOL!!!! And the music is perfect! :D

  25. pixelliste says:

    Your cats make me laugh soooooo much!!!!

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