Kitten Shots photos

Check out these kitten shots:

kitten shots

Image by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
Felix is a short haired black and white neutered male and is current on shots. He can be visited at Animal Rescue and Adoption Society in Denver, Colorado.

I see what you did
kitten shots

Image by litlnemo
I am a little annoyed that I got these great shots but the camera did not focus them well. It has trouble focusing on dark things like, well, Sherman. But it looks OK as long as you look at the smaller versions and not the large one. :)

Sherman is 8 months old now! So he kind of looks like a grown-up kitty.

Teddi, 2002 – Impasto
kitten shots

Image by csfgirl
This great shot was taken by my neighbor kid with my camera – the face is fabulous, but the contrast was not, so I decided to see what running it through the Alien Skin filter "Impasto" on Photoshop would look like.

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