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Every cute cat has a monster waiting to come out…
kitten shots

Image by bhermans
Normally, Sigmund is a very cute cat. However, this yawning shot – which I sort of took by accident – shows a completely different, and _very scary_ side of him!

(And yeah, the shot is far from being sharp & steady, but I just _had_ to show this one to you ^_^)

hurricane pepper 1
kitten shots

Image by Sakurako Kitsa
Hard to make this out, but it’s an action shot of my kitten shredding the remnants of a 1-lb bag of black sesame seed. She nosed open a sealed box in a closed closet to get to them, a trick she first learned with my nori.

But where is the sesame seed, you ask? Oh, a little here, a little there…

I Can’t Find You Now
kitten shots

Image by Henri Liriani
New member of the family I guess…

Shot #25 shot for my (pretend) 365 Project. I’d really appreciate any comments you may have. They’ll help me continue and improve!

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