Kitten riding tortoise

Kitten goes for a ride on the back of a tortoise. Original video from ‘′ ( – Remixed by myself with music by Henry Mancini – Baby elephant walk (from the movie ‘Hatari’ )
Video Rating: 4 / 5

He’s Ridin’ Dirty

56 Responses to “Kitten riding tortoise”

  1. Saarin100 says:


  2. ellucinate says:

    skip to 1:03 to see him push jealous creature away from camera

  3. whatamidoing215 says:


  4. DanilinkGamer says:


  5. sufficientgrace18 says:


  6. redphishy says:


  7. blacktriangle says:

    Myrtle the kitten

  8. chocolatemuphins says:

    “Omg i’m going sho fasht!”

  9. LoveThisLife11 says:

    Kitteh: “and we ride tonight. Ready my turtle.”
    Tortoise: “ahhh @$#%…not this again…”

  10. misstkan1 says:


  11. AngusTheWolf says:

    i love how the turtle (or tortoise?) doesn’t give a solitary shit XD

  12. Pinky57530 says:


  13. 2003maxamillionk says:


  14. myco578 says:


    “U LIEK?????”

  15. 8005016 says:

    Best laugh I’ve had all day. HAHAHA reposting this on my facebook. this video brightened my mood.

  16. sexycassie1990 says:

    i cant beleive the cat stayed on the hole time lol cool mr kitty

  17. Shimmeerkit says:

    OMG SO CUTE <3 !

  18. elswo says:

    I loved this ♥

  19. FreekinEkin2 says:

    11,267 cats… 105 tortoises.

  20. nivenheim says:

    Tortoise “First you get the money then you get the power then you get the women.”

    Kitten “Meow?”

  21. BringMeFrost says:

    And not a single little fuck was given by the tortoise that day.

  22. MrKangaroo69 says:

    literally who watches this, and dislikes it so much that they actually click the dislike button?

  23. musiclover1caitlin says:

    so cute <3

  24. maximumfat11 says:

    why are there so many god damn dislikes

  25. bobipineman says:

    This turtle is stronght

  26. dmzz11 says:

    114 people like dogs

  27. sorakey899 says:

    @ozipk Oh, how ironic. Hope you know what I mean here.

  28. ozipk says:

    @Cinnamondust18 Someone with a sense of humour. Look it up its really cool.

  29. SPACEPENGU1N47 says:

    the turtle is taking u away run run kitteh run for ur virginity before he rapes u!!!!!

  30. kablamoyeah says:

    Most hardcore thing i have come across all year.

  31. KaiTheBighter says:

    they see me trollin, they hatin’, moderators tryin’ to catch me post dirty!

  32. kokonis112 says:

    it’s funny cuz the cat is black

  33. dmxezz says:


  34. nailagciad says:

    best …. catvideo …… EVER!

  35. donwormi says:

    The best cat video ever!

  36. livinglife1337 says:

    holy shit that was great

  37. geraldislove says:


  38. Ipacpc says:

    Awesome ride!

  39. TheDachman says:

    And the cat is black. Awesome.

  40. ROCKST4RMHHH says:

    :D *-*

  41. nuttymonkey11 says:

    -Russell Howards good news!- …Happiness for me, is a cat, a tortoise, and some sellotape.
    *They see me rollin’…*
    lol x

  42. 89schlappe says:

    go shelly GOOO!!

  43. jamsterwayne says:

    that turtle training for the race against the hare lol

  44. StakeingISNT4me says:

    Thats a pretty fucking “dirty” house.

  45. zxcvssv1 says:

    ”Dirty” made 113 accounts to dislike this video

  46. luktarsomenfis says:

    you should send this video to AMFV – american funniest home videos c:

  47. SpankyDankyY says:

    They see me rollin’
    They hatin’
    And tryin. to catch me ridin’ turtle
    Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ turtle
    Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ turtle
    Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ turtle

  48. raidenMOVIES says:

    im the 22001 like :D

  49. DieInTheLivingRoom says:

    Russel Howard
    ’nuff said

  50. XxXHackerx says:


    12 year old nerd

  51. CatsquinCunas says:

    declawing could be the just useful deterrent, in particular when your own cat will be big calico

  52. Kitt3n5Chimal1541Brainy says:

    We notice a wide range of the trees close to your garage possess damage signifies

  53. TagzLavone1004Kitt3n5 says:

    I was massively sensitive to pet cats until I had created any bunkmate whose kitten Abra wanted to sleep by himself every night

  54. TaleRick says:

    It truly is fortunate that we’re not sensitized for the a pair of cats that live during my bedroom

  55. BarkhuScary2184 says:

    we’ve pet allergy symptoms and a cat

  56. KittensMihikaDiary says:

    ill never currently have cats it isn’t really worth the unhappiness

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