Kitten Riding a Tortoise 2.0

Saw this video, thought it needed some better music.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kitteh goes for a ride on the back of a tortoise. Thanks to: For more funny cat videos visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

55 Responses to “Kitten Riding a Tortoise 2.0”

  1. dasivgf8wa says:

    hey what’s the song??? :3 It’s a cute cat! XD

  2. 3hickmanm says:

    this has to be the final proof that Guiles theme goes with everything

  3. NumaNumaYeahBitch54 says:

    Why does this end?!

  4. Theanimatedcow says:

    why isnt this a religion?

  5. Totema1 says:


  6. SirkRepus says:

    oh.. my.. god.. possibly the coolest thing ive ever seen

  7. JackPackRec says:

    He road that tortoise… FOR AMERICA!!

  8. TheBrassBone says:

    From second 1, I could not stop laughing while watching this. Awesome.

  9. RapMetalKing says:

    @insainiac1 best comment eva

  10. vpeluso1 says:

    Odysseus kitty takes an epic voyage

  11. insainiac1 says:


  12. FlightX101 says:

    The Cat seems be the Boss of the house

  13. strategicmarketining says:

    Keep up the good video work looking good. When you have time come visit my channel!

  14. chocolatediet11 says:

    Keep up the good video work looking good. When you have time come visit my channel!

  15. videopropertysales says:

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  16. KannDesSeinOo says:

    Pure Epicness!

  17. NineTailsDemonFox says:

    Kitten: What the?..Faster damn you!

  18. Fastbikkel says:

    hahaha cute!

  19. robaart says:

    Guile’s music goes with everything!

  20. wangtang32000 says:

    that is SO DAMN CUTE!

  21. atamotua64 says:

    The Woman riding The Beast

  22. weakernova says:

    i think that beverly hill cop would be a good song

  23. wordreet says:

    Yes, it does need some better music. Benny Hill theme or Laurel and Hardy would b good.

  24. RecycleDucks says:

    @KillingTheDream13 It’s Guile’s theme from… Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, I think. Just search for “SSF2 Turbo Guile”, you’ll find it.

  25. KillingTheDream13 says:


  26. 69olympiakos says:

    lmfaooo song choice

  27. SonicandAmylove1 says:

    ‘Medtasion comes in all things’ – random cinese old wise guy :D

  28. sospiff says:

    “Riding on a tortoise, baby kitty.”

  29. bhfam says:

    onward mt trusty stead!

  30. dukeyxxyz says:

    the LBP music makes this movie epic.

  31. nster1994 says:


  32. covolt25 says:


  33. burnmehdown214 says:

    I dunno why, but this looks like an awkward intro to a Video Game on the Playstation 1.

  34. PieGuy950 says:

    Looks that kitten…


    Has that turtle’s back.


  35. ALiittleCat says:

    Tortoise BUS!

  36. saquya3 says:

    lol off to see the world

  37. goodkid457 says:

    Tortise:Your so heavy!
    Kitty:Your so slow!

  38. RTube7 says:

    That’s one way to save on gas !

  39. Julesocarina64 says:

    @masterjordomon wrong…in all of cat’s kind

  40. masterjordomon says:

    the worlds most epic and or slowest adventure in all of man kind lol

  41. residentevilnerd says:

    music makes this purely awesome

  42. CuervoBlack06 says:

    Kitty is off to adventure.

  43. Cheeezeh says:

    @malow87 The music is from LittleBigPlanet

  44. insect6520 says:

    sooooo funny

  45. malow87 says:

    Music is nice, anybody know what it’s called?

  46. iforgot87871 says:

    Sounds like Crash Bandicoot 1 music haha

  47. LittleChicken117 says:

    Rift, collectors edition. Grants you a tortoise mount in level 20. 60% faster. (Well it seem a bit broken in this video)

  48. cheerthinker says:


  49. JTsLiP says:

    Quit putting the cat on a turtle and feed it!

  50. Asira1992 says:

    ohh how cute *-*

  51. Kitt3n5AnilaPrime says:

    hehe what a cutie!? knowning that butt is simply too a lot

  52. KittensSparkSky1947 says:

    beautiful newborn We have a single, Tonto, who wants to climb up to be able to high places likewise

  53. Piotrma says:

    the kitten Nie-Ma-Imie can be so lovely

  54. GlamourKittensAmarah says:

    This cat is basically managing the particular screw away from its family members. It will hop on a spead boat or even airplane to European countries whether or not this could.

  55. Kittens1394Warm says:

    Why won’t the kitten look glad to be seen

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