Kitten not litter box training?

Question by M & M: Kitten not litter box training?
I have an 11 week old kitten at home, she uses her cat box occasionally but I am finding that she uses the hallway corners other times, I have kept the cat box clean, even used a seperate one just for her, but nothing seems to work, I clean the messes up with pet cleaner AND vinger/water mix (works normally for my other cat and previous pets) but nothing is seeming to work to get her start using her cat box regularly. She was at the vet and she is not sick, so I do not know of anything else to help with this… anyone?

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Answer by christycricket78
When you clean up after your kitten put the poo in the litter box and then put the cat in the litter box with the poo – sometimes this helps

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  1. FranksGirl ♥ says:

    When my kitten was not using his box this is what I would do. If I caught him in the act of going somewhere else I would pick him up immediately and just walk him over to the litter box. It seemed to work after just 2 or 3 times. Make sure he knows where his box is at.
    Also too if you scoop the poop from your hall corner and put it in the box, then put the cat in the box they say that works too
    best of luck

  2. Kaylee P says:

    ok my kitten used to be the same way, what u need to do for a little while just until he/she starts going in the litter box, put it in the litter box when u see her going to the bathroom in the hallway and she will continue going in the litter box…. so it will soon become a regular thing for ur cat!

  3. the_samurai_lullaby says:

    Sometimes the problem can stem from totally unobvious things.

    For instance, what kind of litter box to do you have? Is it open air, does it have a door, or is it an automatic cleaner? Some cats prefer one type of box over another.

    Also, where is the box positioned? Is it out in the open, or in a secluded area? Try to check out these types of things and experiment a little. Move the box around the house into different types of areas and see if she shows more interest.

    This could also simply be just a phase. Your kitten is still growing and learning, and may not devote herself wholeheartedly to going in one place just yet.

  4. Anora says:

    Maybe try spraying the corners with a citrus smell because most cats do not like citrus smells or put double sided tape down because they do not like having sticky paws (they make some wide and very sticky kind just for cats)

  5. shutuprandy says:

    sometimes the scented and/or cheap,dusty litters can irritate their sinuses. try different brands.

  6. Kimberly says:


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    Best wishes,

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