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Adorable kitten names pics I found:

Our new kitten asleep
kitten names

Image by Mr.Thomas
Our ktiten fell asleep upside down. We went to the Petco to get some catnip bubbles for our cat. We came home with a new kitten from the in-house adoption agency. I couldn’t convince my wife to name him Bubbles. His name is Moto.

The Surprise
kitten names

Image by peneli
I know this isn’t technically from my Utata Thursday Walk, but I found this kitten abandoned in the park on the way, after I’d already taken all the shots on my memory stick, so this is the first picture I got of her, after I got home and uploaded everything. We’ve adopted her, of course. (I brought her home, figuring if J didn’t want to keep her, we could at least find her a home.)

The jury’s out on her name. I’m calling her Fuzzy as a kitten-name, but I think J already has his heart set on Selky as her adult-cat-name, after another cat we knew of the same coloring.

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