Kitten Mittens – Big Hit in Germany

8 Responses to “Kitten Mittens – Big Hit in Germany”

  1. hals24 says:

    get oout

  2. LordofDonuts1 says:

    where can i buy these

  3. eliztreacy says:

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha this is hilarious. love it.

  4. weodonnell says:

    sie laufen so lout!

  5. KogaChase says:

    i love you kchen =P

  6. fmeeks1 says:

    I want some german kitten mittens

  7. ahhhmunich says:

    this is possibly the most amazing things i have seen in a while.

  8. jcrafter5 says:

    yeeee get some! get some!!

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