Kitten mittens

Well, we tried…
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16 Responses to “Kitten mittens”

  1. twilightdivamidna says:

    Needed to put the slippers on tighter, lol.

  2. KingIncorperated says:

    Girls: All giggly
    Cat: Goddammit… Just let me sleep in peace!

  3. steamuser123 says:

    Cat:get the fuck away from me

  4. TheCoolCatOfDoom says:

    i keep replaying 32 lolololol

  5. Bootrosgali says:

    dont put mittens on your cat.  DICKHEADS.

  6. MoshiMonstersRosey says:

    Because the r on hard wood and the mittons r slipery

  7. camilecool12 says:

    Why do the cats keep slipping??

  8. psmith7755 says:

    that is just mean!!

  9. Evirooloo says:

    i almost shit my pants laughing at that part XD

  10. Gasoline1987 says:

    dancing cat! LOL

  11. cast390 says:

    LOL @32 cat just chucks it!!

  12. RyanMinaker says:

    more cat experiments!

  13. friedeb2 says:

    lawl, I love it~!

  14. neothemagical says:

    lol XD

  15. Familyguy1230 says:

    lol get em a table

  16. xhxixtxmxex says:

    this video is so excellent..
    5 stars.

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