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I knead you
kitten milk

Image by kevin dooley
Cats knead their paws to show contentment; it harkens back to when they were kittens and kneaded their mother to encourage milk flow. Whenever Rufus sees me, the claws start moving in and out of whatever they are on, and the purr motor starts a hummin’. After 40 years of playing aggressively with cats, I am all too familiar with cat claws!

(Explore 1.3.2008 — Thanks friends!)

kitten milk

Image by Tom Poes
Even though her own kittens are still inside of her, Scarlet is taking care of Sunshine’s kittens as if they were their own. The only problem is that she does not have any milk yet so we need to make sure that Sunshine does feed them (from time to time), for the rest she can leave the care to her adopted daughter/Swedish au-pair/Ragdoll intern.

The New Cow
kitten milk

Image by Tom Poes
Sunshine has taken over from Lotje as being the preferred supplier of milk. We feel that Lotje has dried up a bit but compensates that by cleaning the babies frantically and watching them like a hawk.

At this stage, the eyes of the three/four week old kittens typically clog up from milkfights and other rumbles, and need to be openend and balmed for protection. This is not a difficult process but the kittens do not like that (it involves soaking the eyelids with water and cleaning the eyes once they are opened) and as a result they tend to squeek a lot.

Sunshine does not react to this squeeking, we think it is because she trusts us. Lotje however, finds the squeeking unbearable and will inspect the operation up close and personal. If she could, she would retrieve the kitten and return it to their lair.

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