Kitten Milk photos

Adorable kitten milk pics I found:

Mini Tiger
kitten milk

This poor abandoned kitty was meaowing in the street in the night so I took it back home and I gave it some milk.
Now it has adopted me. :o )

kitten milk

Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR
KooGz buRned-out from sumo-wrassLin’ with the paper bag.
Afternoon napping with mummy…
When he sLeeps, he likes the room to be dark.
This is his loot area…
There are tons of,
treasure that he guards with his body…
Kinda like a boy’s tree haus type of deaL
This is his safe pLace,
where he can run to when he’s scared of thunder or maintenance man.
Poor baby looks pooped-tiRed!

6 Responses to “Kitten Milk photos”

  1. CatsmichemRiham says:

    declawing will be the just effective discouraging factor, particularly if your kitten will be balinese

  2. CatsV2Fiorella says:

    your current feline Lestat is really attractive

  3. CaterinaMarcs2145 says:

    the pet cats will probably take in the bunnie

  4. DefeliceLover says:

    declawing may be the merely effective deterrent, particularly when your current kitty will be furry

  5. GreyKittensNafeesa says:

    When you wish to stay alone, cats and kittens are good at that, way too

  6. SellArda48Kittens says:

    i’m okay having calico cat kittens and cats

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