Kitten Marshmallow: 4 weeks old and counting

Marshmallow was born on March 1st with low birth weight (~60% of the normal expected weight at about 66g or 2.3 oz). A month later, Marshy is breaking one pound, about 7 times the birthweight. At this point, we’re just thankful that she’s made it through the first month. What a blessing she is. Below are some notable changes in Marshy’s behavior: She refuses to stay in her nest box, rebelliously clawing and crying murder when she is placed there. Marshy is also able to regulate her body temperature better now to the point where she no longer needs a heating pad or “rice socks” to keep warm when mama Mochi is not around. We used to place a heating pad beneath the nest box to cover about ½ of the surface area, so Marshy could keep warm, but also move off the heated area if she felt hot. With her head held high and steady, Marshmallow has become more photogenic as well, often times staring curiously straight into one’s eyes, a move that would melt any stone heart. Marshmallow’s developing curiosity drives her to walk a whole lot more to explore the seemingly vast world in front of her. It’s amazing to witness her stumbling movements refine into a more stable gait as her hind legs and coordination strengthen and improve to match her front paws. To keep her safe when unsupervised, we have set up a couple of playpens so Marshy can walk “freely” without worries. Besides starting to walk about at a faster pace, she has also picked up scratching and chewing on objects. Marshmallow
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This is a video of my newest family member, Dooby at about one week old. He just opened his eyes one day before video was taken and you can hear him purring :)
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53 Responses to “Kitten Marshmallow: 4 weeks old and counting”

  1. Scottishrugbyguy says:

    christ those quiet little “mews”

  2. TheNancy0923 says:

    way too cute!!!!

  3. konata4ever98 says:

    Wait! I’m allergic to adorableness! *dies*

  4. kittykat451000 says:

    You have to let me and my family live in your house with my cat

  5. Mikayla Smith says:

    AT 1:00 it is cute

  6. NeoSpLoLegends says:

    WTF so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so fluffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! awwwwi alergick to cuteness RIP

  7. NAJICA5571 says:

    this cat is the cutes cat i have ever seen

  8. fatChickResponse says:

    I have just imploded.

  9. TheAlektorophobia says:


  10. TheAlektorophobia says:


  11. Hemulen40 says:

    Don´t step on my yellow suede shoe !

  12. mnjc4evr says:

    its so CUSHIE!!!!! XD

  13. noroneko7 says:


  14. CocoChanelContessa says:


  15. iloveazurehowl says:

    1:51 Marshmallow: HI :3

  16. Suadrif1984 says:

    The cuteness is torturing me.

  17. Silentgenius01 says:

    Bad hair day. Awwwww. :) 

  18. Silentgenius01 says:

    Aww, so cute! LOL. But look at 0:14 LOL!!!!!!!

  19. BootsAndFluffy says:

    Marshy you are an incredibly heartwarming lil gal :-)

  20. Adorabrooke says:

    I think you have just won the internet for cuteness. All hail the cuteness champ!

  21. neversurdender says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!Its so cute and fluffy!

  22. ImaginingNat says:

    contributing to the cute-ocalypse xD

  23. EpicSkier556 says:

    My insides have melted. 

  24. stothy6 says:

    The wonderful, beautiful age of innocence.

  25. mjj1434 says:

    @sweetfurx4 – hi, what a sweet video. The slipper looks like a baby craddle. Super cute!!!!

  26. epic2011unboxings says:

    My kittens 3days old and it purred !

  27. CentinelThe says:

    interested in reading about the 38 million in the paper

  28. foxychick2122 says:

    wheres his mom???

  29. ccsnd77 says:

    Totally a cutie!

  30. Minimanta2 says:

    It’s not much older, 10 days max.

  31. milknot4free says:

    Cute but not 1week old

  32. nesferatu55555 says:


  33. MsAtelda says:


  34. fungguo says:


  35. mmmbad says:

    He’s SO adorable! That little “mew” melted my heart! Thanks for posting!

  36. TheDarkenangel91 says:

    Awe such a cutie!

  37. SLiDEnl says:

    I usually go from music vids to tits, to dancing tits, then end up at cat videos?

  38. SporeFreak2010 says:

    MEW! 83

  39. 23DeftonesFan says:

    My head exploded from the cutenness! I was watchin a cat purring and saw this on the side and this won!

  40. seanlovesminecraft says:

    i i i THINK IM GONNA PUKE *pukes* aw balls now my keybord looks like mashed poatato

  41. kkarls1 says:

    Kitten, at end of video: “Oh Heeeeyyyyyyyy……”

  42. MrPhoenis says:

    that was cute, especially the little mews. now i have to watch it again.

  43. watininx says:

    How much does it weigh?

  44. tenderheart17 says:

    What a precious little poppet!

  45. artsynotes says:

    I’m getting a kitten soon and sweet jesus, THIS IS SO ADORABLE.

  46. iamcool456123 says:


  47. JieXiang88 says:

    as u all can see on the newspaper at 0:58, the cat is worth $38 million!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jus kidding.

  48. RadioactiveKat22 says:

    i think i almost just died from the cuteness

  49. CubeComet says:

    how did i get here from a carrot flute?

  50. Egjiipkitty2000 says:


  51. KittensSteveKaif1748 says:

    The feline Choo Boo never uses the scrape whatever replace on him. In addition, i have never trimmed the nails in a very long time

  52. FarerKittensLanna633 says:

    yet, just like, wouldn’t this specific cat have become feral It was a kitten when it ran away!

  53. Marla178 says:

    The pet Boffin will be FIV positive

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