Kitten & Little Bird

This videos song is; Come and Dine, sung by my wife Cheryl! Jesus wants us to dine with Him through His Word the Holy Bible and Holy Spirit. Have Love for one another and always pray to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ His Son! The little bird in this video is an American Warbler!

18 Responses to “Kitten & Little Bird”

  1. I3allzMan says:

    put your hand over your mouth

    2. make a wish

    3. put your hand in the shape of a fist

    4. put your hand in the shape of your hand over your heart and hold it there for 5seconds

    5. send this to 3 more videos

    6. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life

  2. dropzoneking says:

    isnt gonna eat it today lol

  3. kotasierota says:

    Very lovely video. Had fun watching.

  4. Inky261 says:

    thanks 5*, a good one!

  5. paulmacur says:

    cute video, .

  6. irishthankgod says:

    Thats really sweet , your voice is lovely not like me lol, cute and funny , thanks for the response , peace Cathy

  7. myhamstersnameistux says:

    aww thats so sweet

  8. lotis333 says:

    Stopped by again to listen to this clever little kitten and it’s bird friend. Quite a team. :o )

  9. pmb003 says:

    another great job !!!

  10. brodis18 says:

    merry christmaS JIMMY A VERY CUTE ONE

  11. singluve says:

    Yay it is caturday!

  12. ModeSlave says:

    happy caturday to you all!

  13. Fraansy says:


  14. sexballs10 says:

    Awesome ^^

  15. FunTube4You says:

    Awesome! 5/5

  16. lotis333 says:

    Yes, Jesus wants us to dine with Him through His Word the Holy Bible. :)

  17. TereasaUpdates1655 says:

    but, including, wouldn’t this cat have become feral It was the cat in the event it ran apart!

  18. Love1681Kitt3n5 says:

    i used this specific and my kitten Smelly Cat knocked the woman’s serving on a lawn

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