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Adorable kitten games pics I found:

Cat Tree
kitten games

Image by jon_a_ross
The old cat tree, was half off when we bought it almost two years ago. When the cats were kittens it wasn’t bad, it could handle them wiping up and down it with reckless disregard for gravity.

Now the cats are older they travel up and down it with more respect. The top level as become something you go to only very slowly, when you seek sleep, not another layer to the ambush game.

kitten games

Image by tizzie
I came home yesterday and Chris was unpacking a Wii. Briefly, I tried to be mad, since if we were other people we would have held onto a couple hundred, but in no time that had turned into me zipping right out the door again to buy another remote. I mean. "If we’re going to have one, I’ve at least got to be able to beat you."

Plus, as everyone else already knows, it’s so f’ing cute it was a little bit like coming home and finding he’d gotten a kitten.

"I feel like I’ve barely even been home, I was all swept away. I was swept aWii! I’m probably going to be doing that all weekend. Wiikend!!!!!!!!"

People can, like, play each other with this right? Like across continents and galaxies? Or time zones? Time and space? Who’ll take me?

Wait, let me practice a while first.

I think tennis will be my game. It really always was.

I am definitely not testing my fitness age until tomorrow. Or after another… like, year.

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