kitten fur growth help! :) thanks!?

Question by : kitten fur growth help! :) thanks!?
I have a 2 months old kitten (a white kitten) and a very furry kitten.
here’s her picture:

We take care of her very well but Im just concerned with the growth of her fur.
They tend to be messy and look like a messy lamb’s coat even after grooming her with all the kinds of the brushes available for pets.

Do I need to use any special shampoos or anything for my kitten?
Any tips in there? thanks!

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Answer by Blackcat
No need for shampoos for her whats happening is she has her kitten coat and at 2 months old its starting to change texture as her coat grows,so gives the impression of a lambs messy coat as you call it,but once her adult fur grows she will have a stunning easy to manage coat,

my cat was just like her except for the colour mine was black and white,but otherwise the same but once her adult coat came through she was not recognisable as the messy kitten coat she once had,so no need to wash her or she will get dry skin so will irritate,

just leave and watch her adult coat emerge and just groom her with a gentle soft brush so she can get used to it otherwise she will not like it when older,but starting young will make it easier,she is cute by the way,my cat grew up to be long haired when an adult, and her fur length was like hers is now when her age just beautiful!

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  1. DonnaB says:

    Awww! She’s cute! Just keep her brushed daily and her coat should be just fine. Get her used to a bath early on, and she will learn to enjoy it, as long as you don’t force her. There are special shampoos for cats, but un-necessary if she doesn’t have a skin condition. Talk to your Vet., or to a professional groomer.

  2. CatsSujanThesoy says:

    i will be rather towards cutting down on a cats nails

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