Kitten Feeding photos

Fluffy kitten feeding photos:

Hugest Cuterebra EVER
kitten feeding

Image by Tiger Girl
I know this is gross, but I work at an animal hospital and we find
cuterebras in pets from time to time. They are a fly larva that feed
on tissue and then leave the pet’s body and we pulled this one out of
a ONE AND A HALF POUND kitten. Needless to say a picture was a must!

Happy Tails: Jaycie
kitten feeding

Image by LollypopFarm
I adopted my first cat when I was 4 years old. Dad brought her home while I was watching “Today’s Special.” (Don’t judge me. That was a great show.) She was black and white and really cute. She spent the first couple of nights hiding under various pieces of furniture.

A few days later, I was eating dinner, and we had ice cream for dessert. I asked for more rainbow “sprinkles” on my ice cream. The kitten, hiding under an end table, meowed. And that was how Sprinkles got her name.

Sprinkles was “my cat.” I grew up with her. The poor thing was wrapped in blankets, and carted around the neighborhood in a stroller. She was chased around the house and terrorized. But, every night, she slept at the foot of my bed. I loved her.

During my senior year of college, Sprinkles developed kidney problems. When I came home for break, she could barely walk. I took her to the vet the next day. In my heart, I knew it wasn’t going to turn out well.

When we made the decision to put Sprinkles to sleep, I cried so hard the vet gave me a sympathy card, and a kid’s book, aptly titled “Cat Heaven.” (There’s a “Dog Heaven” too, written by the same author, Cynthia Rylant. I HIGHLY recommend those books for anyone who has recently lost a pet.) I was 21 years-old. After that experience, I decided I wasn’t going to adopt another animal.

But, time heals all wounds. I recently decided my apartment was getting a little lonely. So, after a friend suggested Lollypop Farm, I checked out the website. I decided I wanted an adult cat (they’re harder to adopt out than kittens), preferably a female.

I fell in love with a cat named “Lily Rose.” She seemed sweet. I send her foster mom an e-mail, and crossed my fingers.

As luck would have it, she was already adopted. But her mom suggested another cat she was “fostering.” Her name was Miss Tennessee.

She sent me some pictures of a beautiful, black cat with a white star on her chest. I fell in love. So I headed to Lollypop to visit. As luck would have it, she was having some health problems, and I couldn’t see her. I played with some other cats, but really wanted to see “Miss Tennessee.” A few days later, I got my chance. The vet hadn’t cleared her to leave yet, but some employees let me in for a brief visit.

The cat slowly stood up in her cage, and looked at me. She walked over, and nuzzled my face. Then, she started purring. Ahhh. There we go. THIS was my cat. I adopted her a few days later.

As I write this, Jaycie (I decided to rename her) is sleeping at the foot of my bed. Every morning, when my alarm goes off, she nuzzles my face until I feed her. Which is annoying. But also endearing. She loves to talk, and cuddle. She is, as my friend Sarah affectionately calls her, “a lover cat.”

I’d like to think Sprinkles is watching from “Cat Heaven.” And I’m pretty sure she’d love Jaycie too.

Elizabeth Schubert

(re-posted from Elizabeth’s blog on…, with permission)

Fidget Michelle
kitten feeding

Image by McBeth
She is ~6 years old, the youngest of the three felines, the second of which Jordan named (and aptly, for her fidgety kitten tendencies), and the sissiest girliecat who ever did demand everything.

She pines away mercilessly for Jordan whenever he is away, refusing my offers to play, to feed, to ANYthing. She’s his gal.

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