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Check out these kitten feeding:

Rooftop Tortoise Shell Cat
kitten feeding

Image by Chriss Pagani
This little tortoise shell cat is yet another example of the tiny tail gene in the feral cat colony. She’s a little cutie, for sure. In this photo, she is perched atop the "cat condo" I built for shelter and feeding. That project goes back several years…. these days, I try to keep it simpler. …More at the feral cat rescue blog.

Leek Island + Impromptu Plurk Party
kitten feeding

Image by moggs oceanlane
The impromptu Plurk party… we dance in worship of the leek. CT/ClassTax, Tateru, Spiderkitten, Washu and I think, behind the spider kitten girl we see a slither of Tarissa.

Visit Leek Island to see the garden/pond, artsy fartsy room, bathroom, bird feeding area, japanese tea house, leek patch and more. It’s full of nooks and crannies and is somewhat magical. Well worth the visit.

Fourteen days old
kitten feeding

Image by Pacificat Ragdolls
Today, Scarlet x Apple’s second litter turned a fortnight. Not as large as other kittens, they do stand their ground especially when you consider the sheer number of kittens.

For now we expect to be petting and admiring:
- 3 boys and 4 girls,
- 2 lynx and 5 solid points,
- 4 mitteds and 3 colorpoints
- mostly seal (so far one "suspected" blue).

We love this guessing game and are so happy that all has been going so well so far. Scarlet is a wonderful, dedicated and generous mother that gives everything she has to feed, warm, clean and protect her babies.

With a mom like Scarlet, breeding is fun!

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