Kitten Care : How Soon Can I Hold a Newborn Kitten?

If a newborn kitten is an orphan, it can be handled right away in order to give feedings, but if the mother cat is present, handling should be kept to a minimum. Avoid over-handling newborn kittens until they are several weeks old with tips from aveterinarian in this free video on kitten care. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

25 Responses to “Kitten Care : How Soon Can I Hold a Newborn Kitten?”

  1. MyAbcd12345678 says:

    aaawwww cute kitty

  2. Len Kagamine says:

    This was very useless for picking up the kittys one of the cats gave birth to,She trusted us but was watching us just in case.

  3. xXHeavenXx13 says:

    my first cat sweetie was amazin she let me n my brothers hold her kittens a day or 2 after they were born she was perfectly fine with it the same applied to her second litter i just wish i still had her

  4. toomzie15 says:

    My cat let me carry her kittens the second day after she gave birth!

  5. DarknessMaster55 says:

    At some points that little kitten has a ” look mommy im on TV” face XD but you can see she wants to take a nap

  6. andreaxxfarrellyxoxo says:

    My cat had six kittens last night :) but one didn’t survive and now there is only 5 :( but I still love the kittens it’s sad how tht one didn’t survive :(

  7. okiedokie874 says:

    My cat had her kittens last night, everything was great, we had 4 gorgeous little kitties:’)The second one however, got stuck and we put on our little gloves and got helping, we had to pull his head out, he was huge.
    Dont nag me about the spaying, we didnt realise she was pregnant and we havent got alot of money at the moment.
    + Our cat let us handle our kittens right away, no problem:-)

  8. samfitzy8 says:

    My cat had 4 kittens yesterday and she wont let me near them can’t wait to hold them!!!!!!!

  9. shewolfsiren says:

    We had to make a 45-minute run to the clinic in Greenville at 3:30 in the morning August 2, 2009 for an emergency c-section. The first one got stuck and didn’t make it. But his five other brothers did, and so did mama cat. She understood that I was simply helping her feed her babies from Day 1—al the same, she did give a “what-are-you-doing-mother?” wink at me from time to time.

  10. neoYTPism says:

    That is one adorable kitten. o.o

  11. agfashioncooker says:

    my cat had 5 kittens this morning but she is soo protective over them

  12. spazattackification says:

    lmfao. My cat had kittens at 5 in the morning as well! They’re adorable little things. 3 orange tabbies, and one pure black.

  13. xXFumbles16Xx says:

    my cat was eating 1 of her babies im scared to let her near the others

  14. raycheesy1 says:

    No, it means she trusts you. You should be happy(:

  15. nickyg says:

    My cat just had kittens and has been allowing me to handle them, so long as I don’t move them too far from her. Is this unusual?

  16. soldiergirl84 says:

    @kade677 I was only a child at the time, but I remember that I wasn’t allowed to hold one of our cat’s kittens until their eyes opened.

  17. penaqueacabou says:

    I rescued a pregnant cat last night and she has given birth this morning , but doesn´t seem to care about her babies at all . Is that common ? What should I do ? Where should I keep the babies ? The floor in my house is covered with tiles which is very cold for them . I´m so afraid that they die . Please tell me what to do , Doctor . Thank you so much !

  18. vanessanicole1996 says:

    yes but my cat dosent really mind. when i go to her nesting box she leaves and i watch them til she comes back. i guess im her kitten sitter.

  19. TheJ3sus0FSuburbia says:

    Not at all XD

  20. Outcast137 says:

    not that it was inconvenient for me to have a “screaming” cat in my ear at 5 am =PP

  21. TheJ3sus0FSuburbia says:

    How’s that for a sign of affection? :P 

  22. Outcast137 says:

    i had to help my cat give birth. let alone she had them on my lap and woke me up at 5 in the morning making it very clear she was having them=P

  23. emogoth96 says:

    kahawig niya kuting namin yung kuting na hinahawakan ng lalaki…ang pangalan ng kuting namin neko mi mi

  24. mermaidamp says:

    Kittens must be kept warm.

  25. 6tracy5 says:

    my cat lets us hold its kittens whenever they where born yesterday cause its 2:21 am where i am and we had to count how many so i had to pick them up and count she doesn’t get mad she gets relieved

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