Kitten cannon glitch

I was playing this game with my friend and then this randomly happend i kept on landing in DEATH TRAPS!!!!!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

WOOF! ……….. yes he remote lined my ego….. *sigh*

27 Responses to “Kitten cannon glitch”

  1. LASTstraightCOWBOY says:

    all u do is hold in spacebar dumbass. your key just stuck.

  2. a1rzf0rc3 says:

    The glitch is that it qont stop repating the same hight power and distance and i cant stop it from happening!

  3. chris55268 says:

    i miss borg:(

  4. THELILONE5551 says:

    i kno this video was posted last year but KITTY CANNON!!!lol thats just imagine shooting cats at each other that would suck for us but espeacially the cats but we all know they would more than likely land on there feet.(:

  5. skyeric875 says:

    what kind of camera and whats the cost?, im looking for one and im thinking of eic action since i get 40% off from a sponsorship, who ever want to use the code, eplp40p

  6. satanthing says:

    remote line ego? that makes no sense atall

  7. mrpinkpony says:

    cool r u still playing in chicago

  8. PaintballKitty says:

    yes it was we would have had more footage had the field owner turned up as promised :(

  9. mrpinkpony says:

    is that fox paintbal

  10. bostwick1 says:

    yea he does

  11. paintballmasta23 says:

    he doesnt have enough money to buy that many paintballs and this kid was making fun of that.

  12. KaoskrewPB says:

    May I ask, what was mean about what he said?

  13. paintballmasta23 says:

    sorry. but i mean its not that nice to say stuff about people

  14. PaintballKitty says:

    erm its true though……. so ditch the attitude :)

  15. paintballkiller54 says:


  16. paintballkiller54 says:

    lol thats just wrong lol! sigh

  17. lilW4life says:

    why do you think i said X7

  18. connorwilson3 says:

    lol remote line on an ego

  19. pmrcrazzy says:

    what is on the barrel of the gun?

  20. MrCool986 says:

    Thats half the paint borg shoots in a day lol

  21. quack447 says:

    Borg doesnt have his A-5

  22. LemonThe says:

    lmao that’s an awesome name for a gun

  23. Tippmannwoodsball says:

    sweet gun

  24. robotchicken506 says:

    go borg

  25. Schultz98 says:

    well that was silly…

  26. Sabrermk42 says:

    a remote ego, cool

  27. JideKitt3n5Krishna744 says:

    wonderful baby We’ve one particular, Kahula, who likes to ascend in order to higher places in addition

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