kitten cannon ( amazing scores)

this is an awsome vid!!! and has amazing scores
Video Rating: 5 / 5

8 Responses to “kitten cannon ( amazing scores)”

  1. mutantbananaman says:

    dude ur a fag takes no skill all luck my high score is 2471 man get real

  2. eliteply says:

    i don’t love this game

  3. Hessey96 says:

    love this game

  4. eliteply says:

    all the comments are true

  5. fearstreetsaga says:


  6. Insanenb22 says:

    i got 1500 on my first try
    that is so easy!

  7. bee5005 says:

    these suck

  8. fearstreetsaga says:

    i could do way better

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