Kitten Cannon

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Using the POTM’s arrow ability!
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  1. RAWRitsanONION says:

    lmao, no this is not with map hacks, this is practice. After playing POTM and Pudge a long time, you can learn to do these blind arrows. These are not even my best blinds, my other videos hold some better ones. Now stop calling people noobs because they can perform what you can’t.

  2. bat1stabomb says:

    this is with map hacks noob

  3. sobongz says:

    sven w/ meka that is so uncool

  4. RAWRitsanONION says:

    Yup, if you read under “about the video” it says added 12/02/07 :)

    But you can view my “Cryptic dota” video if you want to see me arrowing/hooking in the new dota :)

    Thanks for the comment

  5. faadhill says:

    this has been played on a pretty old version. POTMs arrows AOE has been reduced in the newer versions

  6. RAWRitsanONION says:

    ya lol, i think he stole it from a leaver :P

  7. diablofocker1 says:

    wtf @ sven with meka

  8. twistliickdunk says:

    hey don’t mind me. The arrows are kinda standard.

  9. Pr3d4tor123 says:

    Ur video was one of my favorite potm videos ever u was some guy who inspire me 2 make videos 2. Will be a Honor 4 me if u watch my new video and rate. Nice Video. At last which realm u play????

  10. RAWRitsanONION says:

    Not really sure what you mean by practice maps, I just practice in public games. Just don’t be afraid to shoot into the fog because of a miss, also since public games don’t matter (such as tournament games) you can even let them “get away” a bit and then try blind arrows that way, that can help your fog perception.

  11. BENPH112 says:

    any practice maps for potm?

  12. RAWRitsanONION says:

    what do you mean?
    If you mean the game, this game is DotA a custom game played on Warcraft 3 the Frozen Throne. It is very well known and these are just a few clips of me playing it.

  13. tjbman07 says:

    ??? wtf is this

  14. RAWRitsanONION says:

    Just guessed where they were and since i’ve played dota a while i can kinda judge movement speeds and directions :P

  15. gameXdota says:

    how the freak did u land those arrows ? lol

  16. RAWRitsanONION says:

    Thanks for your support ^_^

  17. RAWRitsanONION says:

    Wish i could spam videos but my fraps is broken and i don’t know how to fix it. I uninstalled the whole thing and reinstalled but it still doesnt work >_<
    As soon as it does, I will try to make a video because I have a bunch of good clips and stuff that i can find.

  18. Pr3d4tor123 says:

    pretty nice one dude keep playing potm and spam spam spam videos :D

  19. RAWRitsanONION says:

    Thanks for the compliment ^_^
    That means i must be getting pretty good, and i’m better now since this was posted about 4 monthes ago :D

  20. rillyborednow says:

    some of the shots seem like maphacked

  21. kevinOkada says:


  22. RAWRitsanONION says:

    “See who I am” by Within Temptation ^_^

  23. colonelskillz says:


  24. RAWRitsanONION says:

    You could also come to channel Clan RwpD and if there is a shaman in the channel, you can ask for an invite or just whisper me on RAWR-itsanONION

  25. SCXpunk says:

    or maybe you both are completely clueless noobs

    morons like you make me glad i don’t play pubs anymore.

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