Kibble vs. real food.

Check out these kitten feeding:

Kibble vs. real food.
kitten feeding

Image by This Year’s Love
On the left we have Costco brand kibble "now made with Fresh Chicken!"…I don’t know what that means. So before they were using un-fresh chicken??

Why is there even kibble in my house?
Because my first cat, Omaha, is a major bitch.
I have tried switching her to raw for a year. Getting her used to canned food, then sneaking in pieces of raw meat. I’m talking pieces the size of a grain of rice. She’d eat around it, pick it out, or not touch her food at all.
I’ve gotten her to eat raw chicken once and I have no idea how that happened.
Needless to say, it’s a losing battle. She wants her nasty dry food and can have it for all I care.

On the right is what the kittens eat. Rarely do I feed rabbit, but it’s a nice treat once in a while. That part is the right shoulder and arm. I always view raw food as "live" food…as in, you can still tell what it was and is, and not too long ago it was still moving around.
Meanwhile…the kibble is dead. Boiled, baked, cooked until everything is a big messy pile and then chopped into cute little shapes and sprayed with synthetic vitamins and touted as "100% complete and balanced nutrition!"
Really? 100%? Complete? Balanced?

Why aren’t WE eating this stuff then??

El Gatito
kitten feeding

Image by KS Peartree
Simone feeding the just days old kitten. One day Chad brought home this rescue kitty. The lady had found it in a rat’s mouth just a day old with no mother. Poor kitty didn’t end up making it.

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