juvenile red belly piranhas feeding on steak yummy

my 8 rbp taking bits out of a piece of meat

Normal day at Taft High School, LA reppin’

9 Responses to “juvenile red belly piranhas feeding on steak yummy”

  1. dabul2003 says:

    i heard those fish taste good.

  2. Rd2Oz says:

    This video was great! We have to feed our fish too, people!

  3. harry050454 says:

    steak for piranha?
    I want a steak right now

  4. Eric Chambers says:

    how much for these???

  5. vulemax says:

    How old were they here?

  6. SamFisherCell says:

    lol,I kind of knew this was only an exception.

  7. jackasuars says:

    than i guess you shouldn’t see some of my other videos

  8. SamFisherCell says:

    finally someone not using live animals >_<

  9. Fleedling says:


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