Just need to ask 1 or 2 more questions about my new stray kitten!! Please still help me?

Question by searchingforanswers?: Just need to ask 1 or 2 more questions about my new stray kitten!! Please still help me?
Ok I just asked 1 question about my new kitten. What questions should I ask the vet about her being a stray if I decided to keep her. What infections and other worries should I ask him about?
Just want to let everyone know I am writing this stuff down. Keep giving advice the more I know the better it is to conveince him to keep her. Thank you
Ok Here is some info on the kitten. My friend found her in the streets took her in for one month. While she was with my friend I went over to checkk the kitten out. Clean her up. Cleaned ears completely, Eyes great, Body weight very skinny, Bottom of her paws were a little cut up but has healed in the past month. My friend decided after 1 month she could not afford her. Threw her back outside and after 2 days outside I brought her home. Overrall personality: This cat purrs all day and is very loveable.
No fleas yet that I see, no ear mites I see, Stool looks great so far.

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Answer by jingles18@verizon.net
worms lukemia have her stool checked

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  1. Mrs. Strain says:

    The vet will test your kitty for worms (bring a stool sample if you can) and feline leukemia. Worms are easy to treat and your vet may just give your kitten a broad de-wormer medicine. Leukemia is another issue, and if your kitten has it (it’s really rare so don’t worry) then your vet can advise you on what to expect. Otherwise, your vet will give your kitty an overall exam and let you know if she’s generally in good health. Most of all, give her love and have fun!

  2. Sonia Jo says:

    Congratulations on your new adoption! If you take your stray to the vet and let him know that she’s a stray believe me, he’ll know exactly what to look for. They have lots of training and he’ll probably deworm her as soon as it’s possible and check for other things too. So don’t worry, just give her all the love you have!

  3. petloverlady says:

    If the vet knows u just got her and she is a stray he will probably tell you u need to start her shots and worm her. ask him the age of the kitten and what is best to feed her and how often also about feline lukemia. there are seperate shots for that. also when she can be neutered or spayed to prevent more stray kittens. He may suggest you keep the kitten in the house. they adapt and live longer

  4. groomingdiva_pgh says:

    Your vet should explain everything to you and advise you about what tests and immunizations your kitten needs without you having to worry about what to ask.

  5. 14Words says:

    Just take her to the vet and tell them that the kitten is a stray and you want a check-up. They’ll run some standard blood tests to make sure she’s healthy. They’ll also check for ear mites, fleas, ticks, etc. They’ll also be able to tell you an approximate age. Also, you should ask about having him/her spayed/neutered. Most vets will give a discount for people bringing in a stray.

  6. PAMELA G says:

    Your vet deals with this kind of thing all the time. His basic examination should cover everything for your kitten’s health now & in the future. Basically the following are important: shots, worms, skin, heart, eyes, ears, parasites & I’m sure following answers will give you more information…I love the folks who answer in our pet catagory! P.S. Don’t forget to spay or neuter!!

  7. watersmoon110 says:

    Most likely as a stray she will have picked up fleas, ear mites, and worms. All of these are rather expected for cats, and the vet will worm her and kill off her mites (you might get a worm-er to give her for a little while) and can recommend a flea medicine.

    You should bring in a stool sample (pick it out of her litter box with a plastic bag) so the vet won’t have to take one. She’ll be tested for a variety of things.

    Be sure to ask your vet about her nutrition. As a stray, she probably didn’t eat the best things, so she might be lacking some essential nutrients. If she has acted oddly at all, or you’ve noticed anything odd with her stools or eating habits, be sure to tell your vet.

    If she has runny eyes, which many cats get, your vet can give you something to get rid of this.

  8. jennifer s says:

    have the kitten combo tested for feline leukemia and feline aids(fiv). that would be the first step. let them black light her for ringworm, it’s contagious to you and your other cat. ringworm can be treated, but if not treated, can get out of hand. good luck with your new kitty!

  9. Bonsylar says:

    The vet will know just what to check for, trust me, they see plenty of them. ;)
    I really suggest getting a book. If you have never had a kitten before you will learn lots of stuff to make your new baby happy. Get one from the library for free or go to a book store.
    Get “Kittens and Cats for Dummies” or “Idiots Guide to Cats” They give the best info in a straight forward way that is easy to understand.

  10. old cat lady says:

    Kittens are routinely checked for the FIV or feline leukemia viruses through a simple blood test. The vet will also know to give her worm medication, that is routinely done too.

    The vet will be able to pass on the kitten’s overall health and there should be no worries. The vet will also start her on her series of “kitten” shots as you can readily assume she has had none so far.

    Ask about when you should schedule her spay operation. At about four months of age is the best time for her.

  11. pair-a-docs says:

    Definitely feline leukemia. And if you have other cats that your new kitty is around, be careful to not allow her to exchange bodily fluids with any of the other cats, because this is how feline leukemia is transmitted. Worms, ticks, ear mites, and fleas are some other things for the vet to look for. Ask about the cost and age that she should be spayed, also. The vet will do some standard blood tests to ensure her liver and kidneys are functioning well. Ask what he recommends as the best food, and if he recommends using Frontline flea repellant.

  12. bettyboop24 says:

    i would get the kitten a general check up, they should check for rabies, in strays, and filv, ect.

  13. korky says:

    You seem to love this kittie…taking her to the vet is the best thing you can do for her!

    Enjoy her!

  14. aliciap77 says:

    Your vet should know what to do but you definently want it to be tested for leukemia and FIV which is like human HIV. Theyll check for fleas and respiratory problems also. Good luck!

  15. rachymipopz says:

    My kitten was a stray, we took her into the vet and he checked her over! The vet will be able to check your kitten if she has any illnesses, if she has caught something and then how to treat it! But lucky enough my kitten was fine, all she needed was abit of food as she was skinny!

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