Is this abnormal growth for a kitten?

Question by : Is this abnormal growth for a kitten?
He is around 13 weeks old and has stopped growing taller or wider he is just growing in length. Shouldn’t he also be growing taller? He eats almost a cup a day of food a day and seems like he is underweight still. Is there something wrong with him and is he growing normally???
Oh really don’t tell what to feed my kitten! I’ve raised kittens before and fed them dry food so shut the eff up about me feeding it dry food. I was wondering if I should be feeding it more.

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Answer by I-like-cookies-XD
This just happened to my kitten. Mine just had her growth spurt with her height and weight and now is glowing longer. It is perfectly normal. And if he stays small it might be the breed also.

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  1. tmclone says:

    First of all, kittens tend to grow “oddly”. They get big fat bellies for a few days, then one morning they are 2 inches longer and skinny! Then they develop new bellies for a few days and are suddenly skinny but their legs are longer. That’s just what kittens do. The real problem I have is that it seems like you are feeding dry food to a kitten (a “cup” of food). Cats should ONLY eat grain-free canned/wet food and a kitten needs nearly twice the amount of an adult. So…your 13 week old kitten weighs probably 3-5 lbs, so he needs AT LEAST 6 oz of canned food per day (2 oz per pound of body weight). If you feed him dry food he will not get the proper nutrition when he needs it the most!

  2. bloomorningglory says:

    I would go by weight rather than a visual. They don’t always grow visibly the way you would expect them to. A kitten that age should be around 3 pounds or so, and would typically gain 3-4 ounces per week. Easiest thing to do is weigh him now and then weigh in a couple of days and make sure you got some weight gain.

  3. Ocimom says:

    Yes – they grow at different rates and sometimes its body, sometimes it legs….lol

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