Is that your baby? (Little Girl Loves Her Kitten) (Original)

This is a small video from the first time that our daughter, Olivia met and held her kitten, Lily. Enjoy. Our Facebook: Our Twitter: little girl loves her kitty Precious Tantrum Adorable toddler kitten baby “cute baby” “16 month old” cute “baby girl” sweet love playful play child “family vlog” “family blog” “New Parents” “family friendly” daughter dad mom daddy mommy husband wife kid kids devinanderica devin and erica “devin and erica” relationships laugh laughs couples father mother funny laughing smiles friends
Video Rating: 4 / 5

my beautiful 9 year old cat hugs me while i listen to anarchist vampire and gargle with mouthwash
Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 Responses to “Is that your baby? (Little Girl Loves Her Kitten) (Original)”

  1. MsTinkerbelle87 says:

    they’re gonna be bff’s^_^

  2. Eszra says:

    Thats real cute! Though the fact that she cries when someone else has the kitten makes me think waiting until elementary school would have been better. Sorry I just can’t help see the “Mine, Mine Mine!” phase. Never a good thing. other then that it’s adorable.

  3. rabraham27 says:

    hahaha pause at 0:53

  4. greatprincessbiggirl says:

    ooohhnnn the dog seem to be loving the very cat very much ^^

  5. narumaru1961 says:

    She will grow up into a woman kind to.

  6. VexDexter says:

    o__o Mens from ages 25-44 have been watcing this the most..

  7. Trippinpatchouli says:

    Awwww to cute :) 

  8. TheRandyChimp says:

    Exactly! Yes! Brilliant find :)

  9. MaTchBoOkPoEt says:


  10. katesandra1 says:

    AWWNNN~~~ she’s so adorable ..her eyes on the kitty are meaningful….

  11. crichton55 says:

    I don’t have a shred of manliness left in me now.  I ain’t even mad either.

  12. KaceBoland says:

    That’s adorable. She has great pet handling skills for a first-timing little girl! When I got my kitty at age 2, I sat on it. XD

  13. leelaasokan says:

    im trying to catch up on lost time n videos, devin these are great! my son (16 months now) will only eat while watching “libia” (i know its not the best nickname but he loves her! as do i, i cannot believe how big she is. feels like yest. she was a tiny baby crawling now shes running around n gonna be a big sister! im so happy i get to watch your vids again!

  14. TheRandyChimp says:

    HA, has anyone seen that simpsons episode where they go to the petting zoo and they’re looking at the lambs, and they get progressively cuter? The bit where he pushes the dog out of the way reminds me of that episode. “Out of the way, you!”

  15. CutestHelloKitty says:

    Cutie + Kitten = Adorable !

  16. tjtank20 says: heart is melted ❤❤

  17. TreverMcGhee says:

    Unconditional Love for another, Olivia and Lily are precious in the video and Daisy is cute too.

  18. PhysicistBattleStar says:

    she looks protecting cat… so cute!!かわいいですね^^

  19. paperbagshinobi says:

    cute video…..but to this commenter….fuck off pussy and bitch lover. go live in your trailer full of cats and walk around public areas all covered in cat hair.
    i feel no sympathy for animal lovers who don’t value child life. people these days also treat children like pets. you were a child once too bitch…..i would’ve fucking let my pitbulls rip your fucking head off and in the end i would just spoil my pitbull while you lay there dead. fuck you pussy mouth.

  20. paperbagshinobi says:

    you feel more sympathy for the puppy…….bitch….don’t forget that some people don’t know how to raise their kids and that’s why their kids are spoiled. blaming the boy is wrong. its the parents who are responsible for letting the puppy be kept. white ppl suck at taking care of kids. black people too.

  21. maybellinedollx says:

    aaaw omg this is the cutest thing eveer <3

  22. BlackerWinter says:

    you obviously haven’t ever seen South Park >.>

  23. Lisadarsya says:

    she’s so cute

  24. TheEndsongAbyssXV says:

    This comment made my day.

  25. onemidnightgone says:

    I like how your pets are named after flowers. :)

  26. ruthc48 says:

    awww, kitty loves you,you love kitty…so sweet.

  27. ruthc48 says:

    I love it!

  28. DistrictAliens says:

    wow man
    it is very cute cat

  29. LeNNaKo says:

    That must be about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  30. dinnerinasandwich says:

    your cat is SO cute

  31. TadaKiba says:

    my maine coon does that whenever we pick him up!

  32. ZoruaZorroark says:

    your cat must love that beard of yours

  33. CowieMooCowxo87 says:

    OMG so cute. I love cats!

  34. samandchloesmommy says:

    This is one of the sweetest most touching cat videos I’ve ever seen.

  35. ablarsen1989 says:


  36. Frequency404 says:

    The cat thinks you are ham! :D

  37. bayethyl3 says:

    Hey…thnx for the catty hug vid!!! PEACE

  38. issyvoo2 says:

    My cat did that. He died two months ago, at the age of twenty. I miss his little hugs so much!

  39. 45HATTIE says:

    Ditto, cute cute cute

  40. rebirthoftheflesh says:

    hahahahaaa anarchist vampire.

    +1 internets to you.

  41. terrytberry says:

    it may not be unique, BUT IT’S ADORABLE!!!!

  42. LoveAliciaBelle says:

    My cat does the same thing! I thought it was unique :(

  43. mobile513 says:

    Dude, can you upload the Anarchist Vampire clips? Your video is the only thing I got back on a search for him. I *need* to show people Anarchist Vampire.

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