Is it bad to not give your new kitten shots?

Question by Just Livinng: Is it bad to not give your new kitten shots?
We got him from my aunt’s cat, gave birth to four, and she has not had any shots at all. His mother is very healthy. He is about 5 weeks old or 6 and we didnt give him any shots yet. Is it bad to not give him any?

I probably will get him some shots, but is it bad? What could happen? Is it too late?
Thank you.

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Answer by misssssymoo
you need to get him shots otherwise he may be sick

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8 Responses to “Is it bad to not give your new kitten shots?”

  1. John says:

    no they can get their shots anytime, now is a great time for him to get them. it’s best if they have them so they dont catch anything

  2. Becky N says:

    You can still give him shots. But I would do it soon. They are important to protect him from a bunch of diseases. Make sure you do it soon for him, and please get him fixed when he’s old enough!

  3. abouttobreaku says:

    Kittens are started out on vaccinations between 5 and 8 weeks of age. So you’re right on time. They need multiple sets though in order to be fully immunized. Yes, you do want to vaccinate for sure to protect your kitten from potentially fatal viruses. And have it tested for feline leukemia and aids (It’s a quick bloodtest, you’ll get the results immediately). Your kitten also needs to get dewormed at least 2x. It’s common for kittens and puppies to have worms and some parasites are transferable to humans.

  4. Rachel says:

    You should wait a while. I think it’s a bit to early. But you should go ask a vet when to start giving your kitten shots.

  5. Cleo says:

    The person who said to wait a while- I believe is mistaken.
    Your kitten is now due for it’s shots. I don’t think anything terrible will happen if you don’t give them right away however you kitten needs to be dewormed- leukemia shots-feline aids ect.. before it turns 1. You will also need to spay it before it turns 1.

  6. Pepsy says:

    Kittens need to get all of their shots!!!! This is extremely important. The kitten has not built up an immunity yet and if it doesn’t have the required shots, it could get any number of very bad things, such as feline flu which can quickly kill it and spread to any other cats that it is around, killing them also. While the vet gives the shots, your kitten is quickly assessed by the vet for and problems which you may not notice.
    I skipped my 2 cat’s shots when they were only 3 years old and they both had gotten bad gum infections and both of them lost some permanent teeth. It cost me almost $ 2,000 by the time I was done. If I had just given them their yearly shots, this would have been caught in time and saved them pain and me money. Now, I know to give them the larger kibble which works better at cleaning their teeth.

  7. Old Man says:

    Yeah, mine was a stray at 5 weeks and they gave him his first booster shot and a dewormer without even thinking twice. He also was going to do the aids and leukemia test but they were out of test, lol.

    So yes, you can get shots that early definitely. It cost me 0$ for the exam because I said he was a stray that I found. The shots were about 10$ each.

    Good luck!

  8. J C says:

    Yes, kittens do need their shots, or at least some of them depending on if they are going to be kept indoors or allowed outdoors. Even indoor cats are exposed to all of the upper respiratory viral illnesses that can easily kill a kitten. Starting between now and 8 weeks, your kitten needs the first of three FVRCP vaccines. When your kitten is three months old, it’s time for his rabies vaccine (which is mandated by law). If your kitten is to be kept strictly indoors, no other shots are necessary. If he’s going to be allowed outdoors, where he’s exposed to other cats, then he needs the FeLV vaccines. Once he’s up to date on his vaccines, he needs to be boostered in a year, then he goes on an every three years booster schedule. With or without vaccines, cats need to see the vet yearly to ensure there are no developing heath problems, like weight loss, dental issues, or heart issues. Neglecting the annual exam generally leads to overlooked issues that could have easily (cheaply) been fixed, but left go become serious (and more expensive to treat).

    He can be neutered when he’s about 8 weeks old, so don’t neglect that either.

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