Is giving milk a good idea for a kitten?

Question by Perigee: Is giving milk a good idea for a kitten?
I’ve heard kitten’s can’t digest milk….and also she’s 4 months old, is she too old for milk?

But I always see pictures depicting cats and milk…so can I give my kitten milk?

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Answer by alikonda
Despite the stereotypes, cow’s milk is no good for cats!
Many cats are actually lactose-intolerant, and feeding your kitten milk may cause diarrhea.

If you don’t have any good cat food, boiled skinless-boneless chicken and rice is a better option!

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12 Responses to “Is giving milk a good idea for a kitten?”

  1. bunanabebe says:

    no they can get sick, get worms, and most cats are lactositolerent

  2. Olivia W says:

    yeah as far as i know cats really love milk
    and theres no such thing as “too old for milk”
    in fact when you are old you should drink
    milk to avoid osteoporosis

  3. Mike M says:

    But it can’t be regular milk. Get a special formula for kittens from a pet store. cats are lactose intolerant.

  4. cheeky says:

    Sure U can…..
    and No she’s not too old for milk

    But make sure u give a kitty-milk formula cos v dunno wut the contents in a cat’s milk are.

  5. [[someone]] says:

    you CAN give it milk but it will have diaria and makes its stomach hurt after a while and makes the kitty litter smell horrible, but no kitty is ever to old for milk (my cat gets milk as a treat but we don’t give it milk all the time), i recommend you don’t, but if you want to go right ahead.

  6. Daleda S says:

    yea its good but like it depends on like how the cat is usally

  7. stephanie_jones7608 says:

    NO!! If you want don’t them to have the craps I wouldn’t. Only if the mom won’t nurse you can go to a feed store and get a supplement milk (goat) is best. Milk is too much on their system. When they are adults maybe a couple tablespoons will be ok, just stay away from it while they’re kittens. Steph

  8. Evil J says:

    Give your cat milk if you want… it isn’t going to hurt it. If the cat doesn’t like it (some don’t) then it won’t drink it.

  9. lil_fantasy85 says:

    If you would like to give your cat milk

    Pet stores sell kitten milk

  10. diana says:

    Once a cat is weened, it physically does not ever need milk again. In the wild, did cats sneek up on cows with a ladder and suck their utters? I have personally known and worked with over 20 veterinarians and never once heard any one of them tell a cat owner it was ok to give a cat milk. A kitten gets all the milk it ever needs from its mom (biological or foster). Even if it was an orphan, it would already be weened from kitten formula by 5 to 8 weeks.

  11. Lisa a.k.a. Fergie says:

    If she is four months old already I think its time to replace the milk with water. Also ignore the pictures of cats drinking milk, in the oldern times thats what people gave their cats and now everybody kind of got stuck with the idea. Besides milk is more expensive!

  12. Catscond says:

    Why would certainly your woman achieve that consequently unhappy

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