Irrisistibly Cute Kitten Like Dumbo ra…

…rats! You must see my site as well, and see the testimonials, the pictures, the love and time put into my rattery and my animals, and then just pack up and head to AL! It has been done! All the way from TX. They are simply irrisistable! Pedigreed, registered with NARR…Dumbo Rats Are the Best Pet I have ever owned if you want something exotic / active / cuddly / intelligent / wonderful / loving. Beautiful Blue, Merle, Pearl, Siamese, Mock-hairless to hairless, Rex, Beige barebacks, Blazed/banded, hooded, and many more… Please see my website at and this will answer most of your questions about adopting a rat in the nearby AL area, and if you think you may want to adopt from me, then email me at Next, I will answer your email within 24 hours (most of the time)and we can talk by phone if you wish. I ask that you first email me because I don’t have unlimited phone time like some folks, live on a fixed income, and only use my phone for emergencies. I am able to find a place where I can talk at any given time though. My adoption fees are no higher than if you run down to the nearest Pet Smart and get one of their untamed rats…not that you should not do this, but you will enjoy the whole experience more if you get your rat(s) from me or a reputable breeder. The monies that come into my rattery go straight back into the animals and I have extra cages (for sale now) to prove that, LOL. There are
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3 Responses to “Irrisistibly Cute Kitten Like Dumbo ra…”

  1. KiraraInuyashaLovr says:

    oh my gosh, what absolutely beautiful babies you have!

  2. JinxxyFur says:

    Adorable! That’s a really nice cage you’ve got for your critters too :) I spy a few in the black cage over there too.. Do you breed them? Who’s your favorite rat of all?

  3. nacratboy says:

    ill subscribe to u if u sub bak

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