IN RUNESCAPE: uh oh- kitten growth is reset?

Question by TessCohea X3: IN RUNESCAPE: uh oh- kitten growth is reset?
OMG remember, my stupid lazy cat which i trained back into a wily cat, but it said it turned back into a wily cat… and it was still lazy??
well i had another cat
a purple kitten
(the wily cat that turned lazy was also an overgrown purple cat at 1st)
but i picked up my purple lazy cat (named shikon)
to drop my purple kitten (last i had seen, its growth % was at 70 something)
but instead of “pet cat” in the interface, it said “shikon” just like the lazy cat’s interface said !!
and the kittens growth was reset to 0% as well!!! whats going on here?!??!!!?!?!??!!?!???????????????????????

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Answer by cdyhnry
I think you dropped the wrong cat because sometimes that happens but to explain the 0% growth it may have been a mistake with the game. If you didn’t drop the wrong cat you could have miss named it. Other than that I cant think of anything that would happen so good luck on getting it back up there Tess.

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