I need a free kitten by tonight, Can anyone help?

Question by moraleshomeloans: I need a free kitten by tonight, Can anyone help?
This is almost an emergency! My ex calls me last night and asks to borrowe my house tonight to host a slumber party for my 9 yr old daughter and her 10 girl cousins. It was planned out to take part last week for her B-DAY, but she decided she wanted me to take her and her brothers to Universal Studios instead. Now I had this SURPRISE caught me off gaurd..without planning ahead I set out on a mission to stock the fridge with goodies and what not…and hit a -minus on the bank account! Now I was hit with another SURPRISE…she wants a cute lil kitten with patch marks on the face if possable. She’s my only girl out of 5 children…what else can I do, but go nuts with desperation…..I need help…better yet, I need a free kitten, anyone PLEASE?!?!? I promise that a good deed will return to you double-fold. I am in the Rancho Cucamonga/ Ontario area of San Bernardino County.

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go to the pound and adopt a kitten. i’m sure they have plenty.

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  1. starwings20 says:

    Yes, you can find a kitten at the pound or shelter, no it won’t be free, but hello…if you don’t have money to pay for the kitten how are you going to pay for it’s food right now?
    Getting a kitten tonight while she has 10 other little girls running around is a bad idea anyway. Sure, the kitten will be the center of attention and get lots of love…for about 30 minutes. Then your daughter will want to play with her cousins doing something else.
    Why don’t you save the kitten idea until you can afford to get one and when you can spend some time with her and the new kitten!

  2. WCrp4Brains says:

    What you’re looking for is a toy, not a pet. Your intentions are not worthy. You probably already know that if you were to adopt a kitten (costs $ $ ) that you’d be turned down because you think a live animal is a toy for your daughter’s birthday party folly. Please stop wasting everyone’s time with your
    ridiculous plea. You are exactly the kind of person organizations do NOT want for a pet owner. Do you really care about the animal or the appearance for the sake of the party? Who’s the responsible adult here? Obviously not you nor your ex. Someone needs to be the adult here and deny this request. Dummkopf.

  3. old cat lady says:

    A cat can be a fifteen to twenty year commitment on your part and your daughter’s. It is not something you “pick up” as a last-minute birthday gift.

    No kitten is “free”. It can cost up to $ 200 in its first year to take care of it medically (that includes spaying or neutering). It is about half that to get a kitten from a shelter where a lot of the medical needs have been met.

    Your daughter should pick out her OWN kitten and the shelter counselors will help educate her in how to nuture and take care of it.

  4. luisa_mapacha says:

    No one will give you a free kitten. For all we know, you’re a stupid teen who wants to torture it.

    Give your daughter a homemade coupon for one kitten, then go pick one out together later.

  5. birdgirl says:

    Here are available cats at the Rancho Cucamonga pet shelter. It is a really nice facility..I have been there before. Why not let your daughter look over the cats they have and have her pick out the one she wants.


  6. Kaysha431 says:

    all that kitten requires is usually a get pro and a mentorship accommodate

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