“I” Litter 1 of ? – 07.09.11

4 week old shaded golden kittens from the “I” litter (India, Idaho, Ivanhoe & Intrepid) are starting to stagger around and explore their little training corral. This is an ADORABLE AGE! Mythicbells Persians (www.mythicbells.com) — presenting and shamelessly showing off the cutest and sweetest doll faced Persian cats and kittens in the known universe. You can expect a deluge of kitten videos when we have a litter of kittens in house in a hopeless attempt to catch each and every cute moment on video. I have cameras stationed all over the house *just in case!* Be sure and subscribe so you don’t miss any of their antics (or mine as I attempt to keep up with them).
Video Rating: 5 / 5

6 Responses to ““I” Litter 1 of ? – 07.09.11”

  1. GamingvaultNXN says:

    you are soo lucky to have them

  2. GamingvaultNXN says:


  3. Maryammmm says:

    Idaho’s always rolling like a potato

  4. beautyofsweden says:

    Congrats to a lovely I-litter, I watch them on the live cam and they are so playful and curious, when not takng there nap or eating.
    India the girl with red necklace has so lovely tail, do you think she will lok like my Mythicbell fav no1 Sirocco when she get bigger? I had a blue cream smoke persian girl she was 14 and she the closest one I ever had. Her little brother(Liten(tiny)from the same breeder Chimel´s but a chinchilla silver smoke) is now 14 and you can watch him playing in my video

  5. mewpudd says:

    So incredibly cute, so lively.

  6. fairiedragon999 says:

    They are so cute! I would take one home, but I have two elderly cats…and I live on the other side of the country.

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