I Like Zombie Girls

An original song by Brian Haner
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “I Like Zombie Girls”

  1. sedativechunk says:

    Ah man that ending killed me the m shadows look with the grill, I remember that from their older videos man he looked silly in those!

  2. V3N0M3333 says:

    fail -_-

  3. SergiofoREVerA7X says:

    Men! that guitar turn me on 2:22

  4. guitarcover69 says:

    thought matt shadows was in this when he put that hat on

  5. twotards69 says:


  6. guitarherogirl124 says:

    *coughcoughcough* hessynsdad *coughcoughcough*

  7. Abraksas112 says:

    now that’s what I call an epic fail

  8. Shadowhacker201 says:

    We ‘ave something in common dear Mr.Haner….I like Zombie girls too…..after seeing this video. XD

  9. kaimen2010666 says:

    Actually, the one in Sieze the Day was different. I checked

  10. semelann says:

    1:51 This happens when your son is a star!

  11. wav3style says:

    This is probably my fav song from you! Rock on Brian!

  12. TyllaGee8912 says:

    @2:39 M. Shadows? I like your impersonation, Mr. Haner. Definitely a great interpretation of Matt’s style(;

  13. Seanatonin says:

    Produced by: Papa Gates’ #1 groupie, Mama Gates!!!

  14. username60671 says:

    your stupid, thats syns dad

  15. the8888 says:

    In fact, his son, (synester gates) is in blow up doll

  16. the8888 says:

    Buddy, this is his dad

  17. SasoriRoxOutLoud007 says:

    It’s because it is a left-over prop from the video, they must have gave it to Papa Gates. If you notice in a couple other of his videos he has A7X stuff.

  18. damaxx0 says:


  19. Freshsalts says:

    Check out Zombie Girls Bath Salts at FreshSalts(dot)Com! AWESOME!

  20. HALOFREAK31 says:

    it is syns dad

  21. skateboarder19119 says:

    its his dad. he taught syn everything he knows…..lol

  22. moosetrackshigh says:

    TheDarkChildHupu Brian Haner is Syn’s dad

  23. TheDarkChildHupu says:

    Look at how many Syn guitars this guy has. Somebody’s a Synyster Gates wannabe.

  24. SharpWalkers says:

    Papa Gates turned M Shadows at the end.

  25. TheSynisterMinister says:

    is this your rendition of a little piece of heaven?

  26. Tr0llFace666 says:

    Would be VERY difficult to programme though :O

  27. misscarrie2 says:

    i cant tame the kats

  28. MrRanielchannel says:

    Baby’s of any mob look funny especially baby wolfies :P

  29. thecreepervideos says:

    Your right.

  30. InSaNEFilmzzz says:

    kiss your hand (left hand)
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    you like my house?

  32. TheAlejandrolego says:

    I heart kittens!!!!

  33. flymikenike321 says:

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    The Iron Golems will own you

    in Minecraft 1.2

  34. xXJAng3lXxx says:

    little basterds r always getting in my way, pushing me offa stuff…

  35. darknebula4567 says:

    why cant villagers protect themselves why can they be like the minecraft person

  36. spinosaurus111 says:

    You know missed That mobs have rare drops now

  37. SonOfNoScopes says:

    those are cute cats

  38. kenny116116 says:

    If you use the seed PEDOBEAR in 1.2.3 you spawn in a jungle XD (all caps, by tha way)

  39. xba222 says:

    “Thats a cute way to end a video.” Kitten falls a block down.

  40. disturbedoreo1 says:

    everybody try the seed MINECRAFT

  41. disturbedoreo1 says:


  42. electroscandal says:

    isn’t that a mod?

  43. olaftheviking14 says:

    you use glowstone and 4 redstone dust. glowstone in the middle, redstone above, under, left and right of glowstone. hope this helped! :)

  44. Gindog447 says:

    it would be quite cool

  45. Gindog447 says:

    when you give them materials they will either build you a house or upgrade their houses/ expand their village…

  46. blattermaster says:

    and use better materials if you give it to them!

  47. GlitcherNoobOfUYA says:

    Meowingtons, is Deadmau5´s pet cat

  48. FxRUniTeD says:

    no he really doesn’t look on mine craft . net

  49. SimonEditzz says:

    i love the jungle!

  50. SinOfSacrifice55 says:


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