Hungry kitty looking for milk

This is our lil’ kitty looking for milk
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31 Responses to “Hungry kitty looking for milk”

  1. ldit1 says:


  2. SmotPoker09 says:

    Give him a tit. and dont Forget to post the video xD

  3. michaljanuszwsb says:

    animal sex… awfull

  4. reallyfullofmyself says:

    mamaaaa..mamaaaa..porque no te sale leche de la oreja????

  5. alejandro00712 says:

    Damn I Was Waiting To See Boobs.

  6. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    lol cuteeeeee i want him! btw i hear a korean show playing!

  7. pandora9631 says:

    How cute. He’s definitely associating the ear with a teat, especially because of the hair (in his mind, fur) around it. How old is he?

  8. MrOlololoO says:

    ну и что у меня тоже так кошаг делает =З

  9. crazyeoy says:

    My kitty does the same xD

  10. katie07cats says:

    the cat trying to turn her on hahaha 

  11. red33m23 says:

    She is looking for milk. Because she is licking too instead of just stepping.

    But cats do that when they just want to get comfy before lying somewhere..without licking though

    My cat does that all the time!

  12. RRRX18 says:

    Nah. I think the kitty is givin her a bath. lol My aunt’s cat did the same to her kittens.

  13. corenaheartsyou says:

    Hello, reader. If you started reading this, don’t stop or else. I hate people who post these kind of comments but…. Post this to 16 videos in 30 minutes and promise your self to never listen to these kind of comments or make one up. But this one is real.If you don’t post this, a boy with no head or legs will show up in ur room at midnight kill you. Everyone will forget u. start posting. the timer will start as soon a

  14. heartsouldivide says:

    @dracon204 He’s suckling and kneading. Kittens tend to do this a lot for comfort.

  15. funkeycat5 says:

    A cat did that to me but in my tee-shirt
    It was so cute

  16. ISL1993 says:

    my kitten does that on any type of blanket, it soo cute but it gets really wet by his saliva. ew lol

  17. dracon204 says:

    I don’t think he’s looking for milk…

  18. Aluminiumimmunitaet says:

    she got horny lolol

  19. manox1337 says:


  20. Tokidoki4Me says:

    That looks like it tickles real bad

  21. dukeofwafflesauce says:

    lol cat is in your house lovein on ur womanz

  22. MercedesSantiaga says:

    my kitten used to kneed my hair like that. she’s a black tuxedo cat and i guess with my hair being black it reminded her of her mother’s fur.

  23. woahXgirl94 says:

    Lol I remeber my old kitteh jasper suckled on my ear lobe lol

  24. wendyann131 says:

    my cat sucked my ear lobe when he was a kitten the vet said it was because he thought of me as his mum. he still does it now if he is stressed or unwell.

  25. TAMYCRON says:


  26. GuyKitt3n5465 says:

    I just appreciate pound cat kittens and cats. They may be therefore sweet. Thankful she’s been reunited along with her entrepreneurs.

  27. KittensWakaIgnacio says:

    Really, I’ve acquired this issue before. Changeing prescription antibiotics removed our cat way up.

  28. AudienceCats1630 says:

    This pet is basically running the actual fuck faraway from its loved ones. It could visit on a spead boat or maybe airplane to be able to European countries if it might.

  29. ElsieMayScooby says:

    goofy maine coon cat

  30. DiscoverKittens579 says:

    We accustomed to use the spray bottle using one on the four felines we now have when the lady seemed to be with all the houseplants to feces inside

  31. NestorGarnett says:

    we have kitten allergic reaction plus a pet

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