Hungry Kittens

These little foster kittens keep us on a short leash when it comes to the grub. Chow time!

24 Responses to “Hungry Kittens”

  1. ldit1 says:


  2. jasmine erickson says:


  3. XoxoSabsterxoxo11 says:

    Im sueing your cats. -_-
    lol jokess :)

  4. XoxoSabsterxoxo11 says:

    I died.. of cuteness.

  5. syderwarp says:

    Hi I’m a catvideoholic {group says hi} =D

  6. KachuaOnWoW says:

    Maternal instinct overload >.<

  7. americanfellow says:

    lol the black kitty scarfs the food down – huge chunks! the little striped cat only gets small leftover crumbs…….

  8. wolfen26 says:

    That little black one is a talker.

  9. pwettypwincess9 says:

    That Black Kitten Reminds Me Of My Cat

  10. Sorasnake281 says:

    0:17 Double take. XD

  11. Sorasnake281 says:

    Short-haired cat.

  12. Sorasnake281 says:

    The little black kitten kinda reminds me of the cat I rescued.

  13. iPodAppsInDaHouse says:

    the black one looks stoned… lol

  14. ShiekahTribe says:

    oh yeah and the cute little mouth ;)

  15. ShiekahTribe says:

    I love black cats as you don’t see anything but the eyes :D

  16. towelgirl21 says:

    “HEY! Quit taping and get us some FOOD!”

  17. oldaardvark says:

    When a kitten asks for beer as the black one did do not provide it no matter how cute the kitten is.

  18. AnimeAspieFanatic says:

    -Snatches kittehs and cuddles dem to death- <3<3×3

  19. cosmolucy2121 says:

    share u little black piggy! too damn cute!

  20. Nightwish581 says:

    O_O you stole my cats OO_OO

  21. bananhosdig says:

    the first one says
    “I want food, or i hit you wiht my deathclaw!”

  22. BritishWarLord says:

    a cat

  23. DreamBlue3 says:

    what is the breed of the black one???????????

  24. Harleyquinn191 says:


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