“Humane? Please Don’t Declaw Your Cats” from The Paw Project

Anti-Declaw Public Service Announcement from The Paw Project. Declawing is not a nail trim. It is the amputation of the ends of a cat’s toes. For more information about the effects of declawing and humane alternatives, go to www.pawproject.org.
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26 Responses to ““Humane? Please Don’t Declaw Your Cats” from The Paw Project”

  1. BlackJ250 says:

    100$ the same pro-claw groups are the same folks giving their kids ritalin. masking mutilation under responsibility still leaves you a little irresponsible. Show some real responsibility if your getting a pet and teach it and or prepare.

  2. TheBucketSkill says:

    Wtf? why not?

  3. ThePawProject says:

    I wish it were true. This FEMALE vet, Dr. Jean Churan, recommends declawing for ALL cats … even BEFORE the cats exhibits inappropriate scratching. Check out her unbelievably horrible YouTube video, “Kitten Cat Declawing by South Elgin IL 60177 Veterinarian.”

  4. kris1991 says:

    I fully support cat declawing. You can’t compare a cat to a human guys…

  5. 79barkingspider says:

    Forget about laws in the United States. People don’t give a crap about cats (even though they’re the most popular pet). Why not start with the vets. Picket or at least mark any vet’s office if s/he declaws. BTW, in spite of the fact that women are so worried about their precious furniture, I have yet to meet a female vet who declaws.

  6. DecemberRegn says:

    Here in Sweden this is illegal too, same goes with removing teeth and docking of tails and ears. I can’t believe they would declaw cats… Horrible!

  7. vikvik16 says:

    don’t do to other as you wouldn’t want other to do to you, this includes our beloved pets

  8. ZaynahZihoa says:

    This has never been allowed here in the Netherlands, I was aghast and bewildered to hear this was happening in the US.

  9. ZaynahZihoa says:

    If they take out the nail, it just grows back. So they chop off the whole first joint.

  10. TearsOfBlood666100 says:

    ok, here’s my case: i tried months and months to convince my mom to not do this and trying to train him to use his posts, but NOTHING worked. and my mom laid down the law when she said “either get him declawed or he goes to the pound” and then made the appointment when i told he not to. he’s at the vets office now recovering from his surgery now and probably has it already done :(

  11. bfnfamily says:

    @Strawberry 100

    Yes, most cats are fine. My cat was fine. But you know most anti groups of anything over exaggerate everything.

  12. bfnfamily says:


    I guess you’re going to replace everyone’s furniture.

  13. HelloMidnightChaos says:

    Pro-declaw people should just be honest, declawing is only ever out of convenience for some doof to protect their objects(the cat is a living thing you crazy, why would you cut your cat over stuff) or bratty kid(teach your child not to pull on Kitty’s tail and mabye he won’t get scratched).If you can’t handel a cat how it is in nature you should NOT have a cat in the first place.

  14. hayitsnotfred says:

    Declawing just pisses me off. Your furniture is more important than the well-being of a living creature? It’s just THAT hard to train them not to scratch the furniture, and buy a post?

    I heard from a woman who declawed her cat that it’s because she has small children. Bullshit, why can’t you just tell your children not to fuck with the cat? Besides, I think it’s important they learn that no matter how cute an animal is, they can cause harm if you treat them wrong.

  15. DesireeChicago says:

    Because it is like cutting off the first bone of your fingers. If you want your cat declawed so badly, then try to see what it feels like to have the first bone of you fingers removed. Why not instead use a scratching post, a double sided sticky tape called “Sticky Paws”, and trim your cats claws; or use nail caps called “Soft Paws”? Cats need their claws for their health and well being.

  16. aliisha234 says:

    - i totally agree with you!! im part of the RSPCA team and we do NOT SUPPORT this kind of thing. a cat’s claws brings natural instincts to them and taking that away takes away the cats need for hunting. you can clearly see that declawing has a chain on effect
    declawing -> no hunting -> no natural instincts -> if them cats then breed the offspring may not have their strong natural intincts as there ancestors had…..there for declawing is A BAD MOVE!!!

  17. SnowyDogz says:

    It takes a pair of $5 nail clippers and 5 minutes once a week to prevent your cat from scratching furniture or skin. I will NEVER understand why people would mutilate their “beloved” pet rather than take the time to clip the cat’s nails and keep them blunt.

  18. imtoosmartformyself says:

    ur just stupid , a cat was born with claws for a reason it is used for protection and it would stress the cat out not to have their claws , how would u like to go without life with no fingernails or the top of ur finger bones , only people who are lazy and can’t correctly teach the cat on the proper way to scratch other types of things such as cat scratchers are the kind of people who actually get this surgery done , also most don’t know the type of torture they put their cat through

  19. GeneralVan says:

    for me i just used a spray bottle of water, and after a few months, my cat stopped scratching everything and continued to live like regularly. plus, we let her outside and she scratches the trees and loves it, and i have a scratching post and even though she prefers teh trees outside, she still enjoys it. people care more about a lifeless piece of cloth and leather istead of a living, breathing animal.

  20. GeneralVan says:

    he did not even choose to live in your house, whether he was going to die or not. you had absolutely no right to take something vital away from him. even if you say, you own him, you have no right to take their claws away. cut your own fingers off if you want to have it done so bad. you care more about a lifeless piece of cloth and leather instead of an animal. if you have a kid, are you going to declaw him or her? you obviously dont love your kids if you let them keep their fingers.

  21. GeneralVan says:

    try cutting the top part of your finger off, and then tell me what is so bad about it.

  22. DramaQueenJade says:

    what about dogs? is it the same for them?

  23. TheBunnyRunner says:

    WoWW are you a heartless SOB!!. Sure would hate to be your pet (or relative)! Amputating is OK as long it is “painless”? You have no problem witht the longterm crippling problems or persistent pain caused by declawing? That is just sick.

  24. BlueLagoonLoon says:

    “Just to save furniture”? Why don’t you lazy assed people just train your cat not to scratch furniture and provide a damn scratching post or cat tree for their natural habits? I actually got off my ass and did so with my cat, and he hasn’t scratched the couch in years because of my ninja ambush spray bottle squirt training and him having a comfy cat tree he likes to rip apart.

    And my cat is freaking mean and stubborn, so you have no excuse! Plus the scratching post is cheaper in the long run.

  25. ewinmn says:

    I really don’t see why exactly people are saying it is bad in the first place. The cats are put under so they don’t feel anything during the surgery. After they are done removing the claws, they give them pain killers so they are comforible. I don’t see why people are making a fuss about this. Yes, its removing bone, but that’s where the claw is located.

  26. Abir1890 says:

    Within some other news, researchers at the Mayonnaise center tend to be offering felines Supports

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