How to Play Disc Golf : The X-Step & the Right Backhand Throw in Disc Golf

The X-step is the primary step of the right back hand throw in the game of disc golf (also known as Frisbee golf or D-golf). Learn more about the X-step and the basic form and technique of the right backhand throw in this free beginners disc golf video lesson. Expert: Patrick Kitten Bio: Patrick Kitten is an advanced master disc golf player and has played in two Amateur World events. Filmmaker: Robin Morriss

Dogs visit children in hospitals to brighten spirits
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47 Responses to “How to Play Disc Golf : The X-Step & the Right Backhand Throw in Disc Golf”

  1. ensjesse says:

    Thank you very much for this! It has already helped my throws.

  2. HugeJohn51 says:

    Man I love that this guy has a prosthetic leg. That thing is awesome! Back in the day they weren’t nearly that good. YOu’d never know if he wasn’t wearing shorts! Thank goodness for medical science!

  3. craiglaffytaffy says:

    (Expletive) those (expletive) trolls. They can go (expletive) themselves.

  4. budensity says:

    bro.. my dad play’s every weekend and a guy who play’s early with his group has a prosthetic leg and he can throw the disc further than anyone ive ever seen.. in talking about aceing hole’s all the time .. my dad said he has seen him fife a driver at least 500+ feet more like the six range….

  5. bingbingbo123 says:

    i dont think i can trust someone with 1 leg trying to teach me how to step

  6. TwentyThreeShowDave says:

    Great tip. You’re a great teacher.


  7. miekka18 says:

    He’s great, this was helpful and I can’t believe how good he is even with 1 real leg.

  8. supanova912 says:

    Man you have a good throw

  9. Fadetograywedding says:

    @1:04 I hate those stupid penalty pads! I live by a short course tha has them and I only throw one putter on the course since those things chew up my disc if I A: don’t throw a terrible shot, or B; throw a good shoot but don’t stick it in the basket!.

  10. nick41324 says:


  11. thetaxi500 says:

    Some people write some nast shit cause its the internet. None of you have the balls to say it to his face. Could b a war vet? Or bad accident? How do you know. Props to him

  12. 7poppasmurf7 says:

    Nice watch, it must have cost a limb. lol

    on a serious note, to all the guys saying “wine wine, he shouldn’t have to put up with shit, wah.”, here: /watch?v=OIBS6LeXnT4 . this is how disabilities should be dealt with.

  13. crazyfool416 says:

    thanks man!

  14. xZEUSERS says:

    Cool, Thanks for the knowledge. I’m just starting out, and am looking forward to my first day of disc golf. Looks like it can be an addicting sport!

  15. floofytown says:

    More like.. kool Kitten. AMIRITE?? lolz

  16. floofytown says:

    Ok, first of all the dude’s name is Kitten. Mroww. Fair enough. BUT THEN HE HAS ONE LEG. Fucking PIRATE KITTEN! I call dibs on him when we’re getting assigned playing partners. The guy is the Chuck-ass Norris of disc golf and I want him on MY team!

  17. IvegotYou21 says:

    whoever laughs at a fake leg is an asshole and deserves to get their shit broken off and laughed at. stop judging god damn

  18. dazmaster22 says:

    good for you, these people need to learn that just because you have a prosthetic doesnt mean that you cant be great at somthing. keep it up.

  19. uMMYahhHXp says:

    this guy is a cool cat played a little with in amarillo

  20. bolognagay says:

    i hope the fucker talking about dude leg loses a leg

  21. bolognagay says:

    i hope the fucker talking about dude leg loses a leg

  22. SheikhAltijdGezeikhh says:

    this is realy cool to watch, maybe its something for the paralympics to add to the games (i bet many people with prosthetic limbs would like to give this a try)

  23. turbomiata007 says:

    thanks for the tip…disc golf is awsome!!!

  24. 1337DiscGolf says:

    You know, I wear a below knee prosthetic on my right leg. No one on my course has ever had anything to say about. I’m a casual weekend player, I hold 3 course records and I’ve only played 6 courses. Kind of sad all of you who have two legs who like to point and laugh can’t keep up with the “handicapped”. Keep trying, see you on the course!

  25. dmbdmb4134 says:

    Haha you are saying all of this and you name is Cocksucker? lolololololol faggot

  26. mankuikomumizo says:

    And,healing power of dogs has been experienced and understood by many people,especially those who have suffered from some kind of trauma or symtoms of PTSD.For example,right after the 9.11 terrorist attacks in 2001,therapy dogs showed a great ability to heal rescue workers who were engaged in the search for survivors.When the workers came back exhausted to the rescue headquarters,the therapy dogs stationed there helped relieve their fatigue.It’s unfortunate that I have a cat.See you!

  27. uhtop69 says:

    Today many medical specialists and other healthcare professionals pay sttention to the healing power of animals,especially dogs.They realize that just by touching and cudding dogs, people can get rid of stress and feel more relaxed.Many dog owners say the potential health benefits of contact with a dog don’t come as a surprise them.They believe that dogs can sense their owners’mental conditions and feel empathy for them.

  28. Secrets2DogTraining says:

    if you go through Therapy Dogs International (TDI) any age can do it. just as long as you have a parent or gaurdian with you during visits and training. hope this helps!!! :D

  29. chicodkid says:

    Our dog, Yogi, is a certified Delta Society Therapy Dog. He visits cancer patients on Mondays at the local hospital & the Ronald McDonald House on Wednesday. My wife went with Yogi to training classes once a week for a few months that were not really designed for a puppy to be Therapy dog. But it made him a good, well behaved dog. Then we decided to pursue Therapy training, got the handbook, worked with him at home & a couple of months latter he passed the test & was certified !!

  30. 123PokemonFan says:

    How old do you have to be? I’m almost 14 and would love to get my Yorkie certified to do this.

  31. peacexlove492 says:

    I couldn’t find the website when I searched the name on Google.

  32. cc91801 says:

    I wish I can get my dog to be a therapy dog.

  33. fanofthedogs says:

    Excellent work. We need more therapy dogs.

  34. sociopathpsych says:

    What does it take to make a dog a therapy dog? I want to be a school psych and plan on training my dog(s) to be reading dogs. I also want to take them to children hospitals.

  35. mimimarije says:

    It is best to just visit the hospital with your dog. Most hospitals don’t have the time or ability to care for a pet 24-7.

  36. mimimarije says:

    As long as they are calm and go to canine good citizenship classes and are certified. Pretty much any dog can be a good therapy dog if it is well-mannered. Good luck. :)

  37. sarah0566 says:

    Do siberian huskies make good therapy dogs?

  38. islandmamma says:

    My mini poodle Brie (brigete bardot) would be a great therapy dog she is so gentle and kind.

  39. dawnzlight says:

    Well done and very informative. I have 2 new lab puppies.. 9 weeks old, and have had them for 3 weeks,, I heard of this and immediately thought this was something I would like to train them to do. Thanks for helping me make a well informed decision.

    dawn in ga

  40. sgfa96 says:

    Great video! We have therapy dogs as well and I encourage everyone to get involved.

  41. crazyjackdaisy says:

    enjoyed this, am learning to do this in my area, helpful. thank you.

  42. SHARGRAVE says:

    That’s awesome. =P
    We’ve been doing therapy with our pup Oreo since he was about 5 months old. We found some places by us that will let you do it without certification…. but we’re planning on certifying him so we can go to Shands etc.

  43. mimimarije says:

    Hi everyone. Well – since I made this video, the organization has a new web addie – unfortunately, youtube doesn’t let me put a web addie in a comment. So – if you’d like to visit the Therapy Dogs of Southern California site – just do a google search for that name and their new web addie will pop up. Sorry for any confusion if you tried going to the site I have listed at the end of the video. :) Marie

  44. bangkokbobby says:

    Wonderful video :) 

  45. pmarie2003 says:

    I’m planning on doing this with my Pit boy. He loves the dog park so he can talk to the PEOPLE.

  46. sugarpeanut says:

    I am doing training for this with my pom-baby

  47. rahmama2 says:

    Well done video. I am just looking into possibly doing this with my dog, and this illustrates the Therapy Dog concept well.

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