how to get hell cat runescape

how to get a hell cat on runescape i do not own runescape it is owned by jagex ltd
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28 Responses to “how to get hell cat runescape”

  1. TheTurkeySlasher says:

    wtffffff. caught 30 rats still no hellcat.

  2. icamanythingz says:

    ive caught about 15 of the dam rats but i still don got a hell cat… why?

  3. batwing145 says:

    hey guys like i said im selling this account or trade depending and i swtiched over to woW
    sooooo ima be making vid of wow

  4. turcotte70 says:

    what quest for me to make it a hellcat

  5. eminem2458 says:

    my fucking hell cat went overgrown now it cant catch anymore for me boosting herb fuck my life

  6. KyleGx1 says:

    @batwing145 still have?

  7. MrAaronlogsdon says:

    mann…. i used to think hell cats were badass when i was 10….but i think there retarded now…

  8. Sanchobananas says:

    My evil kittin ran away and my friend did for me now I have to get a kitten and make it evil

  9. RappidSmegma says:

    oh shit this guy doesn’t own runescape…

    no shit -.-

  10. ThEAwEsOmEnEsSMoDz says:

    Why is the trapdoor locked for me?

  11. 44extremeproductions says:

    Ooooooh, some person told me they saw my name on this video, and I was like “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa-?” and then I looked up the video ;d I’m 134 combat now ;D just sayin.

  12. TheEliitee says:

    do you have to be done with evil dave part to get it? or do you just have to get started with it?

  13. batwing145 says:

    look children of the world i no longer play rs so ask me questions about from december 31 back cuz i havent played this year but i am selling this acount mssg me

  14. TheLegoman101 says:

    DOORS LOCKED HLP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. mwakittie says:

    does it work with kittens?

  16. gntrinder says:

    also the trapdoor is locked

  17. gntrinder says:

    doris says why are you in my house i dont get it

  18. connorxx99 says:

    Do you have to finish the golem and shadow quests? or just start them

  19. MrDani3el says:

    how many times do the cat need to kill the rats before it turns ?

  20. jagstar97 says:

    @slipknot4evamaggots get a life

  21. tezering says:

    rofl he was doing mysterious murder

  22. pokeypokey07 says:

    SOME 1 PM me ware to get dirty blast and rotten tomatoe

  23. KidSmexy says:

    @runescapesupersaiyin Seether – Fine again, next time look up at Music: “”"” :P

  24. NarutopwnDbz says:

    @runescapesupersaiyin fine again

  25. AWESOMEshayla says:

    sup austin get on xbox dude

  26. LinKittensEesa1330 says:

    You can also “steam” treat ones kitten. Placed the cat from the lavatory with the door shut down in addition to manage a hot shower. Allow the bathroom get steamy by leaving ones kitten in it for a excellent A half-hour. Accomplish this several times a day. Be sure that you monitor your cat and keep the girl out of your trouble

  27. KittensCharmsAnam1152 says:

    We couldn’t get stated it much better personally

  28. StargalKittensAlexander says:

    It truly is fortunate that I’m not allergic to the 2 kittens and cats that live in my bedroom

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