how to feed baby guinea pigs milk ( guinea pigs fighting for milk)

my mother guinea pig died so now i feed them ~_~
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21 Responses to “how to feed baby guinea pigs milk ( guinea pigs fighting for milk)”

  1. Arcangale says:

    My mother guinea also died to
    with 3 two-weeks babies left
    Now i’ll gonna feed them
    just needed to know how

  2. corixable says:

    like it;)

  3. ROLNIKxPL says:

    ive had a guine pig that i gave milk to all her life and it lived for 7 years. She never wanted to drink water lol

    anyone who says you shouldnt feed them milk is retarded

  4. iPodsAndGshocks says:

    are they still living

  5. LMA629 says:

    so cute :) . 

  6. katie567891 says:


  7. vipoya1234 says:

    so cute give me one <3

  8. rockandstroll says:

    What type of milk are you feeding them?

  9. ILUVlupin says:

    Cuteness overload !
    I especially love the lil piggy at the beginning who jumps out of the container with eagerness!

  10. Snowingfire282 says:

    Beautiful babies! I’m sorry for the lose of their mother

  11. CheesyHug says:

    Sometimes I just stare at my guinea pig and say, who is his mother?

  12. CheesyHug says:

    I am so sorry!

  13. GuineaPiggin says:

    The babies are adorable, and I’m sorry you lost their mom. However, guinea pigs should NEVER be given any dairy or meat products. They are strict herbivores. If you ever find a need to handfeed a guinea pig, be it pup or adult, they should be fed Oxbow Critical Care. That said, how are the babies doing?

  14. CaliforniaCavys says:

    Aren’t they allergic to milk?

  15. LORnancy978 says:

    how much did you feed it a day? my guinea pig had 3 and one of them isn’t getting enough milk sad enough that’s so weak it cant stand up so im trying this method

  16. animalluver44 says:

    oh my goodness :3 too cute

  17. stavrosthe3th says:

    i dont know from what ,but she dieda week after the birth. -_-

  18. lynnandian says:

    how did the mother guinea pig die? :(

  19. stavrosthe3th says:

    thank u  pls sub

  20. CoLuhv says:

    i hope that was evaporated milk lol you are so awesome for caring for them !

  21. KittensChapterCarina763 says:

    devon rex cats and kittens can’t stand cinnamon

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