How to Care for a Kitten : Nurse an Orphaned Kitten

Discover how to nurse a kitten and provide it with the best nutritional needs in this free video. Expert: Dr. AdrianneMulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan graduated from veterinary school at North Carolina State University in 1993, and now owns the Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic in Camp Verde, Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler
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5 Responses to “How to Care for a Kitten : Nurse an Orphaned Kitten”

  1. SecretsInTheShadows says:

    IDK if your question is answered so I’ll just answer…when I got my baby kittens, they would refuse to take their bottle. So what l did…l put them on their stomachs, forced the bottle into their mouth and squeezed some milk in their mouth and bing bam boom they would eat. :)

  2. tookieblueeyes says:

    I have these 3 kittens who are orphans and their eyes are not even open yet and I am having a hard time getting them to take a bottle, any tips?

  3. YasminBIEBER says:

    i recently adopted a kitten but i had difficulties to feed it as it is stubborn to open its mouth . how ???

  4. mmmbad says:

    We raised a two week old orphaned kitten and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences ever! Thanks for sharing this video!

  5. Legionary74 says:


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