How many of you would do this without hesitation for a Dog

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Just to show how much I love, not just horses, but ALL animals!! If it makes you mad, then I’m sorry but its just simply true! And yeah no photos of me and Indy yet…haven’t had anyone around to take a decent one XD Song is Why you Wanna Trip on Me by Michael Jackson, which I don not own!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

20 Responses to “How many of you would do this without hesitation for a Dog”

  1. Starstep33 says:

    i would certanly do that for a dog

  2. munirss says:

    @JasonEB03 nice! i want 1

  3. munirss says:

    lol havent u guys realise it? in order to get that shot, they have to make the dog thirsty. so its obvious these guys are bad

  4. azulabadass says:

    Song name plz

  5. TheTame17 says:

    Stupid people who leave animals traped!! FUCK THEM !!!!!!!! GAHHHH!!!!

  6. explosivediarrhea100 says:

    I don’t think I’d walk through a parking lot looking for dogs in cars but hey, guess it’s just not my cup of tea

  7. shebarie says:

    @jalag – well said!
    Read about this idiot. Left dog in car (who later died); it caused such a bitter fight btwn supporters of SPCA CEO & ones who wanted her to step down that newspaper had to shut down comments. Google Richmond SPCA leaves dog in car. Cover up – took a week for it to make headlines. Her husband took the blame. BTW, she’s still CEO of Richmond SPCA & was never charged. Meanwhile, another woman was charged w/a misdemeanor for leaving dog in car w/windows down & w/bowl of water

  8. TheFireman310 says:


  9. ricangamer1996 says:


  10. Ruzlier says:

    You don’t have many friends, do you?

  11. Botsiecollins says:

    They should have smashed the window from the other side, so the dog should not have got the shards into his face :v

  12. JasonEB03 says:

    I’d do it. Accept i’d do it then break all four of the dogs legs and let it bake in the sun. Hot dogs anyone? HAHHAHAHAHAHAH………. This commerical is gay s F*****************

  13. nuwasaGold says:

    Fuck the fine and don’t get caught!! The only thing different I would have done is I would not leave the dog for these asshole’s cause if they did it once they will do it again and God only knows how they treat it at home.

  14. LornPariah says:

    I think it would have been great if you credited the people rather than tried to advertise your channel, especially after it has been posted on Wimp under the same heading.

    Still, thanks for posting it; I can now stick it in a playlist! ^^

  15. jalag says:

    I don’t like calling people names , but what the hell. You’re a pussy.

  16. Aeriphful says:

    To be honest, I’d be too worried about being charged a hefty fine for breaking the window of someone’s car window to do it without hesitation. Calling the police would probably work too.

  17. frankcandelme says:

    :)  Obviously

  18. reaver2033 says:

    they probably carried out their plan afterwards and stole that car

  19. LovinMyEquestrianLif says:

    LOL the end :P and SaddlePatchStudios still needs to do the video of Lo9vinMyEquestrianLif and Indy :) Just a gentle reminder

  20. mbarie2 says:

    Awesome! I loved this, and to be truly honest I did not expect Horatio to just suddenly pop up, but I really loved the video! ^^

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