How do you train a kitten not to play in the litter box?

Question by : How do you train a kitten not to play in the litter box?
We just got a kitten, who followed us home last night. She understands how to use the litter box to “take care of her business” but tonight has started to play in the litter. I cleaned it, so she does not have any clumps to play with, but she still is tossing the litter around. Help! I don’t know how to punish this behavior without disciplining her near/around the box.

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Answer by MoShmo
One of the things I find that helps is too lightly coat the kittens fur with peanut butter. That way, if the rascal does try to play in the litter box, she gets litter stuck to her body. Cats hate this. Trust me, this is going to work in a matter of days.

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  1. elizabeth woolman says:

    Depends on what you think she is doing by ‘playing’ if she is digging or somthing like that its because shes burrying he buissness even though you may have taken it out she can still smell it and think it may still be there. Other wise its just her being a kitten and you wont really stop her i have 3 full grown cats now and all of them still play in the litter they are not like dogs and learn tricks easy. But if you do try stop her you have to make sure that she does not then become affraid of the litter box because thats the last thing you want ! :) good luck though.

  2. Paraiba Blue says:

    Here is a blog discussing that subject of kitten playing in the litter box……….

  3. FrostFaerie says:

    you cant stop them.. kittens love to play so the best you can do is find more interesting things for her to play with. i found with my kittens that balls of aluminium foil or scrunched up paper are just as fun for them as store bought cat toys. also if you put one of those toy balls with the bells inside into a tissue/Kleenex box they will spend ages trying to get it out of the hole.
    Ultimately playing in the litter tray is something they will grow out of. one of my cats used to fall asleep in his litter tray when he was a kitten :P its messy when they play in there and scatter all the litter around but it wont last long.. just keep distracting him/her with other things and it will get over it soon.

  4. nikki says:

    My poor Bella used to sleep in her litter tray at the end of her life. She suffered from feline dementia and it used to drive me potty because her fur would smell. I think in your situation it is just baby games and she will grow out of it eventually. If you see her doing it and, as the other poster mentioned, she is not burying ‘something’ then gently take her out of the box and find something else for her to play with

  5. km says:

    i use to have that problem, i tried to to find experts but they are too expnsive. i read online that if you use peanut butter and stir it in the box they cats will stop

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