How do I take care of a kitten too young to be away from mom?

Question by Sandy T: How do I take care of a kitten too young to be away from mom?
I have a kitten that is about 4-5 weeks old, and has been separated from its mother. (Mommy died) How can I take care of it to make sure that it survives? Need tips on how to feed it and such.

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Good luck!

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  1. smiley5o7 says:

    Well, basically you have to take on the role of mommy. See if you can get formula for cats or milk. (Never give your kitten regular milk, it will make them sick!) you can try to pick it up by the extra skin on it’s neck (that comforts them, but, try to be careful!) GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. Simply_Renee says:

    You can get bottles and cat formula at Walmart- the instructions are on the box on how often to feed & how to mix it. At 6 weeks kittens can usually start dry food (moistened w/ water) at first.

    Good luck, and sorry about the mother cat!

  3. Fyza says:

    you can give them milk(bought from pet shop)for can also add ‘a/d canine&feline”hill’s product

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi you should call the vet first. Second,run to any store and pick up kitten milk and something like a bottle to feed him. Loads of tlc and patience. You also will have to litter train the little tyke. Good luck,call a vet and have him/her give you advice.

  5. hendo250 says:

    You sound sooo caring! Good on you! Some good news is that your kitten sounds old enough now to have started to wean(slowly, and if he has reached 5 weeks) from mum anyways, but he is also too young to know how a cat acts and behaves, so you hand raising it is going to make him think that the way you act is the way he can act, so try not to spoil him!!!!

    You are going to need kitten milk firstly, as he stomach is too young to handle just solid foods. He may just lap it from a bowl, or you may need a bottle with a nipple. If this is the way you have to go, i found some in the RSPCA shops we have here in Australia, so it may pay off to ask around the rescue centres and pet shops, also for the right size teat. Remember, kittens paw and knead mum’s nipple to get the milk, so it might help to wrap something of his mothers around the bottle, like an old blanket, something soft to make him feel secure.

    He will tell you when he is hungry and when he is done. You will also learn so much about his wants and will quickly pick up a routine, as kittens can be very demanding! You are going to have to also clean his bottom with a cotton ball if he is 4 weeks, as mum still would have been cleaning up after him and helping him to go to the toilet. If he is 5 weeks old, you can start to introduce a kitty litter.

    Remember, too, that at this stage, while he may seem playful, they can wear themselves out, and without mummy to tell them enough’s enough, he will wear himself out quickly, unless you step in and cuddle him to sleep, as he would have done with his mum.

    He should be old enough that you are in the clear for him to survive, as long as he has the basic needs(milk and rest) he will grow into a very people loving cat. You will need to clean his face, too, after a meal, as this is what mum would do, so wipe his nose and eyes with a clean cotton ball to make sure he stays clean.

    At around 6 weeks, you can start introducing harder types of food, our kittens started on cheezels lol we just put one for each kitten into their playpen and they chewed on them and played with them(we only did this the one time), and it gave us a good indication that they were ready for ‘real’ cat food, which gave mum a good break, even though they still needed milk(they were offered both kitten milk and wet food as well as mum’s milk). You will notice, too, that he probably won’t start drinking water until he gets to about 7 weeks, as he is getting hydrated enough from the milk. But just fresh water around him and keep showing him, as this is something he would have learnt from mum and his littermates.

    Good luck, i’m sorry to hear that mum died, i think you are doing a great thing, i hope it all works out and that this helped, even just a bit!

  6. LouiD says:

    Aw poor kitty..
    First you need a bottle and kitten milk from pet smart.Only kitten milk!!
    Bottle feed this cuties regularly,basically whenever they are hungry,every few hours.
    Also”clean” him like a mom cat would do with your wet finger or a small cloth.(as though your licking them)After feeding him clean his faces(this teaches them to clean themselves and calms them)
    Check over bodies to ensure no fleas or bugs or any cuts etc.
    Find a heating pad or hot water bottle for him to cuddle up to.and maybe a soft stuffed animal or even better a piece of fur if you have any.He will sleep most of the time.Ensure its not too hot and keep reheating when possible.
    If you have a big box put him in there to keep safe.Establish a little safe sleeping place for him to know as he gets older.
    Ipersonallyy sleep with this age of kitten.let them sleep on my chest,feel my breathe and heartbeat.It seems to keep them feeling safe and comforted.He did just lose his mom.Normally they would be wrapped around mom feeling her heart and heat and fur on body.
    I also wrap a large scarf around me like a hammock and put a kitten inside it.he will sleep for hours there right on my chest,feeling my heartbeat.This too is soothing for them.The heartbeat.(Large scarf with one end on front of leftshoulder, drape across body and wrap other end under right armpit across back to meet other end and tie together.(you follow)onfront of you is the”hammock” part which will hold baby safe and secure.Hard to describe.
    Then you will also need to help them go to bathroom,&show them how to use litterbox(when a bit older).after feeding use damp cloth to stimulate area to pee.You rub gently till relieves himself.(Mom cat normally will lick area to stimulate) important to do this.
    Do not use clumping litter for kittens(they can eat it and choke) use clay litter
    Being a kitten mom is an amazing experience.Just think what a baby would need.same idea.This builds such an amazing bond.Good luck!!

  7. ElysiaonElysia says:

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