How do I get a kitten weaned and litter trained?

Question by KEC: How do I get a kitten weaned and litter trained?
Are there any tips to help wean and litter train a kitten? She is 5 1/2 weeks old and has started having accidents on the rug. I have bought soft & hard kitten food, but she has no interest in either! Is this something the mother cat will do or are there tips to help it along? (I have tried to introduce her to a small litter box but she is interested in trying to eat the litter instead!)

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Answer by forevernovember
She is probably still too young to use the litter box. When she gets a couple of weeks older, take her paw while having her placed in the litter box and stratch it around.

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  1. wubzy_wubzy_wow_wow says:

    take your dry food and moisten it with warm water, once it is soft, you can mush it up with a fork (or just leave it whole). put the food in a pie pan or something kind of large, put the kitten in the food, you can even very gently open the mouth and put some of the softened food in the mouth (not much just a taste). that might be enough to get the kitten started eating.

    litter training comes pretty naturally. get a small box, with short sides so that the kitten can get in and out easily. put the kitten in the litter and make scratching motions with her feet, she might get the idea. you may even put her in the litter box when momma cat is in the box. if you catch her going on the rug put her in the box asap. make sure that there is a litter box close to where she is going on the floor. that way she doesn’t have to go to the other side of the room or house when she decides she has to go.

    good luck

  2. turnadoll says:

    lol wel with cats you have to be patient i myself have a cat. all you have to do is put it in the litter and just keep on doin that if it still has accidenrts on the rug then this is where the waterbottle comes into place. everytime you see it go on the rug or anywhere rthats not in the litter take the spraying waterbottle put water in it and spray the cat with it. befor you do thie waterbottle thing try putting the kitten in and just keep trying until yo feel ts time to wet the cat. because i learned that if you do things that cats dont like they will hate youi learn this from expierience. so those are my tips good luck with your cat and bbye have a good day. oh and the eating it will be ok just feed her like milk froma bottle and it will get tyhe hang of eating cat food

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