How do i care for a kitten with a cold?

Question by mezich: How do i care for a kitten with a cold?
We just got a new kitten that’s about 7-8 weeks old. He’s really skinny and small, we think the people who had him didn’t bother to take care of him because they weren’t going to keep him, and he has been sneezing a lot but hasn’t really had a runny nose. Also i tried to get him to o pee in the litter box but he decided not to and his urine smelt really strong and i know in humans that’s a sing of dehydration. Is there anything i can do to help him rehydrate and stop sneezing???? The vet is closed all weekend so i have to wait before he can be seen and i don’t want him feeling sick.

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Answer by CJ
Poor little guy. He does not sound healthy at all! It’s not normal for a cat to not use the litter box…but it IS normal for their urine to be strong smelling. You definitely need to get him to a vet. Is he eating anything? Is he playing? If he’s eating, drinking, and playful, then it’s not an emergency. But if he’s lethargic and won’t play…you need to find a vet that’s open on weekend. I don’t know where you live, but most vets have an emergency number and some places have after hour clinics. There’s also a corporation called VCA Animal Hospitals that have locations all over the country and they are run like a hospital…open 24/7 (which I MUCH perfer). Here’s a link…maybe there’s one near you

Good luck with the little guy…

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  1. rlsejhm says:

    If you can’t get him to drink on his own, try giving him some water using an eyedropper. Also, make sure he gets plenty of sleep. My cat had a cold once, but it went away in a few days. If your kitten doesn’t improve by Monday, take him to the vet the second you have time. It may not be a cold after all.

  2. Tia says:

    I just rescued a kitten that was sick. Get him to rehydrate by giving him small portions of wet food that are made soupy with water. Do the same with the kitten chow. Soak it in a little water. Any way you can get water mixed in with the food will help. To fix the litter box problem keep him confined to a small area with a large clean litterbox. It is a cat’s natural instinct to use one and with it so close, he should use it. He may also have worms, but your vet will give him a dewormer. Hope your kitty gets better.

  3. chirpy says:

    Hi mezich,

    Call your vet, they should have an emergency number. Unfortunately it will cost a bit to have emergency vet treatment. But your vet will tell you if there is something you can do until tomorrow or if the kitten needs to be seen immediately.


  4. Dana M says:

    LIsten and listen good if anything is wrong with your poor cat take him to the vet he might get crazy on the way there, a vet is a perfeshanel animal expert he knows more then i do so take him to the vet

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